Innovative Quality Outcomes Award

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Innovative Quality Care Outcomes Award

This award recognises a break with tradition; achieving quality outcomes rather than outputs, that make a difference to the lives of people using services. The innovation could be a small significant change or a new service model/design that has changed practice.


  • Please read the criteria questions carefully and ensure you provide an answer to each question.
  • Please provide a maximum of 200 words per question.
  • In addition, you may provide an extra 250 words of relevant information if you wish.
  • Your entry will be scored by our independent judges based on your answers to each question.


What is innovative and qualitative about the outcome?

Has it been implemented by an individual or by an organisation?

Why do they deserve recognition for the outcome that has been achieved?

What impact has the outcome had for people using the service and/or for the organisation?

Is the innovation and outcome sustainable? Describe how and why.

What feedback has been received which supports the innovation and the outcome?

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Who should we contact if the candidate is short listed?

We would like to share your information with other companies that are relevant to the social care sector. If you do not wish your information to be shared in this way, please tick the box.

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Interviews for the three shortlisted candidates for each category, will be held on Wednesday 1st November 2017 at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square. You/the nominee MUST be able to attend as no other interview dates will be available.

Nominations will close at 5pm on Friday 1st September 2017 – nominations will not be accepted after this time.

Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on Wednesday 6th December 2017.

All three finalists for each category will be invited to the Awards ceremony.