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In the care homes sector, it can sometimes feel like not a month goes past without some new piece of legislation being published. But help is at hand.

Business Companion, a resource for free, impartial and authoritative business advice, has produced a series of handy booklets designed to distil the key points of the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) latest review into useful guidance for those working in the care homes sector.

We are all familiar with the pressures and demands of operating a care home – not least of these the amount of free time you have available – so it can often be a struggle to keep up with the latest processes and requirements which you, as a care home professional, must be aware of.

The fact that there are risks and penalties associated with getting things wrong when it comes to your legal responsibilities when running a care home only adds to the stress and strain of an already difficult job.


The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently conducted a review of the care homes sector in order to discover how care home owners and managers can improve the way they communicate with those who use their services – whether they are residents, prospective residents or their representatives. It also looked into how care homes can ensure they are operating more fairly in a business context.

The results of the CMA review make for important reading – but it is unlikely that most of those working in the sector will have the time to pore over all the details.

This is why Business Companion, created by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), has produced a series of three useful booklets designed to refine the key points of the CMA’s review into easier-to-consume guidance for those working in the care homes sector.

The three booklets each focus on a specific area of the CMA report:

Fair trading for care homes

This guidance sets out the important things owners and managers need to be aware of with regards to legislation such as the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. It also sets out the relevant aspects of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which relate to care home management, as well as the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Care home communications

This booklet likewise offers easily digestible, accurate and up-to-date guidance on how care homes should go about providing information to prospective residents and their representatives. It provides advice on how to avoid giving misleading information, and handy step-by-step instructions on what key information must be given, in what format, and at what stage.

Website layout for care homes

The last booklet offers practical tips on how the information given by care homes should be presented online, with particular emphasis on how key information should be easily accessible and accurate.

Communicating clearly

When people make the decision to use the services of a care home – either for themselves or a loved one – it is likely to be at a time of immense emotional difficulty, as well as possibly financial strain. It is therefore vital that everyone who works in the sector is able to offer support and understanding in a compassionate and thoughtful way to people at these difficult times. A big part of being able to do this involves being able to communicate clearly, directly and accurately about a range of issues which could have a significant impact on people’s decision-making.

Business Companion’s Care Home Guides have been made to help you do just that – and by staying on the right side of consumer law, you will be creating an environment that works to make life better for you, your colleagues, your residents and their families.

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