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How can care organisations ensure that their data is secure? Switchshop, tells us more.

Over the last year, the pandemic has propelled the care sector into digital transformation in a way that could not have expected. With the UK’s ageing population being one of the most vulnerable groups, isolating residents from possible transmission became a high priority and resulted in an increase of connected devices to allow for telemedicine and virtual visits, the transmission of critical data to labs and the use of applications to stay connected with loved ones.

Care homes can require care to be co-ordinated through different providers and branches, which can result in fragmented security, especially in the case of organisations with legacy networks that are already struggling to keep up with ever increasing demands of numerous devices competing for bandwidth.

Keeping care homes connected and secure

Many care organisations in the UK have multiple connections coming from different branches and now, they have the added complexity of remote worker networks. These sites all require the same fast, reliable and secure connectivity. On top of this, new medical IoT devices and patient care applications are being developed to help improve telemedicine. Whilst the increase in technology use has helped the population of care homes stay both safe and connected, this increase in endpoints also has made the networks, on which the devices sit, more complex and more vulnerable to attack. Safeguarding resident and staff data should be of utmost importance and many care homes are not aware of vulnerabilities in their existing network or the implications, should an attack occur.

With the right approach, it is possible to transform the resident experience and unlock significant productivity gains by simplifying and securing distributed network infrastructures, whilst slashing the overheads of legacy MPLS networks. SD-WAN solutions provide remote branches and home workers easy access to critical resources and help manage hundreds of remote connections. Whilst traditional SD-WAN lacked a security component and left IT teams to resort to overlay solutions, Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN provides dynamic path selection. This is to ensure that   different branches and connected health services have an optimised route to telemedicine and other cloud applications securely – all behind their market leading next-gen firewall.

A trusted security partner

By partnering with one of the leading IT security and services providers, Switchshop, care organisations can aim to design a bespoke network infrastructure that meets your organisation’s unique needs, whilst ensuring the best in network security. Holding Expert partnership level as well as SD-WAN specialisation, Switchshop can design a secure SD-WAN solution that provides a consistent user experience and that can easily adapt to shifting network systems as your organisation changes and develops over time.

To minimise disruption in residents’ lives, look for a value-added reseller who is experienced in considerate and sensitive deployments. We would also encourage you to look for a team with extensive COVID safe working experience.

For more information on how to modernise, and secure, your care organisation’s tech infrastructure, request an SD-WAN CTAP or a Firewall CTAP today. A CTAP will provide you a quick, easy and free insight into your current security offering. Get a Gartner leading solution from a tier one manufacturer, designed and deployed by genuine expertise, backed up with ongoing specialist support services.

Switchshop is a value-added reseller of IT networking and security hardware that holds high-level partnerships with tier-one manufacturers including Fortinet, Aruba, and HPE. Switchshop takes a consultative approach to learn about their customers’ requirements to provide the best solution, using the best available technology, for now, and for the future. Switchshop is a technically led company that boasts some of the most qualified engineers in the country with over 20 years’ experience.

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