Campaign to recognise Care Workers

December 1, 2020

The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) has launched a new campaign today that aims to recognise the nation's care workers.

The IHM has joined forces with The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC), National Care Forum (NCF) and Thank And Praise (TAP), to promote the vital role of those working in social care.

The Institute of Healthcare Management’s joint campaign aims to shine a light on the inspirational people making up the UK’s 2 million care workers, looking after some of the most vulnerable people in society. Care workers often work for little financial reward and spend their careers supporting others. However, when circumstances change such as during the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s those who care who need support, says IHM. That's why this campaign has been launched to recognise the nation's care workers.

According to the CWC’s Wellbeing Report (2019):

  • 51% of care workers have considered leaving their role in the past three years because of the effect of the job on their mental health.
  • 80% of care workers said that they have not had formal training on managing mental wellbeing at work and 68% of care workers said they were interested in such a service.

The campaign is designed to demonstrate how critical care workers are to society, alongside their colleagues at the NHS, and encourage the public to show their appreciation by posting messages on TAP’s thanking platform, as well as gaining much needed donations for the CWC. The Institute of Healthcare Management, CWC, NCF and TAP are excited about the potential of this campaign to make the public more aware of the importance of care workers, and in doing so, improve workforce wellbeing across the social care sector.

Chief Executive of The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), Jon Wilks said, ‘Our remarkable social care workers, managers and leaders have been outstanding throughout the pandemic and we want to support the public to take time to say thank you to them.’

Campaign partners, The National Care Forum also took the time to commend and praise the care workers across the country. Executive Director of NCF, Vic Rayner said, ‘Our incredible social care workers have been out there each and every minute of each and every day providing care and support in people’s own homes, in supported living settings, in extra care housing, in care homes and in day centres.’

Chief Executive of CWC, Karolina Gerlich said, ‘Care workers across the country have been going above and beyond to deliver the best support that they can give, even with issues with PPE and testing, while making personal sacrifices.’

TAP’s thanking platform allows people to send messages of thanks and appreciation to social care workers. TAP's Chief Executive, Matt Findel-Hawkins said, ‘It’s a small thing to do but it makes a big difference especially coming up to Christmas.’

If you represent a social care organisation you can use TAP’s free-to-use thanking platform at an organisational level to help improve workforce wellbeing.

Read the Care Workers Charity Wellbeing report.

Campaign hashtag: #ThanksForCareWorkers

The National Care Forum (NCF) has stated that more resource, in terms of both staff time and money, is needed to implement the testing regime in the COVID-19 Winter Plan.



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