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SPOTLIGHT ON… care sector software

Whatever the type or size of organisation, there are now software systems to help your day-to-day business. Integrating software can have a huge impact on efficiency, reporting, management, quality and costs. If you’ve not embraced technology or are wanting to see what options are available to you, CMM brings you a selection of the leading providers on the market.

Ablyss Systems

Telephone: 01625 535685   •  Email:   •

With the current media spotlight on care homes and the changes to legislation that will evolve, the care sector is facing a period of unprecedented change. You need to rest assured in the knowledge that your chosen care management software can cope with any changes as well as being easy enough to use for your daily support team.

The Care Management System (CMS) from Ablyss offers you one of the most intuitive and adaptable systems in the marketplace. It was developed in 2003 and Ablyss has been developing and supporting the system since then. CMS offers a range of cost-effective products, CMS Desktop, CMS Touch and CMS Tablet designed to give the end-user complete flexibility and it can be used in a large range of care home environments including nursing care, supported living and learning difficulties.

All of the CMS products have been designed with the end user in mind and offer user friendly features and a highly-customisable format and templates. The software is fully-supported and continually updated to comply with industry regulations and our support team is at hand to help with any queries you may have.

CMS covers all the areas you would expect from your management software such as care planning, risk assessments, training and employee reviews. However, some of the key features and benefits of the system are more surprising.  Homes have reportedly been able to complete compliance checks up to 66% faster and employees’ time can be released allowing a greater focus on actual care.

The CMS Touch and Tablet have been designed with care assistants in mind to simplify and speed up the process of recording care notes. Built in templates guide the user through common routines such as getting up and dressed, eating patterns and night checks. You can also add your own templates or adapt those that are provided. The great advantage here is that the templates are quick and easy to use as they eradicate the need to type and can help with language barrier difficulties and written reports.

One final advantage of the CMS Tablet is that the device can work offline which can be a distinct advantage in homes where the networking range is limited. Simply view and complete your record and the data resynchronises when you come back into range.

We are so confident that you’ll find CMS invaluable to your business that we offer a free 30 day trial of CMS which you can arrange from our website. Why not give it a try?


Advanced Health & Care

Telephone: 01233 722700  •  Email:  •

As more and more care organisations are choosing to invest in better IT solutions in order to improve efficiency and cut costs while improving quality of care, Caresys from Advanced Health & Care is one solution which is becoming increasingly popular within the care sector because of its ease of use. It has also been specifically designed to add value to care organisations. Caresys is used by more than 3,000 residential, nursing and specialist care homes across the UK, catering for all types and sizes of care organisations and offers a fully-tailored solution and licencing options depending on the users’ needs. The solution has been implemented in some of the largest care home groups, specialist care and learning disability organisations in the country.

The fully-integrated software application is available as a complete package or as individual modules, allowing information to be shared cost effectively amongst any number of different people at different locations. By eliminating time consuming and disconnected manual processes across different systems, Caresys allows care staff to focus on delivering joined-up care, whilst managerial and administration staff can ensure correct reporting and compliance; therefore securing better outcomes for service users.

Caresys enables care organisations’ staff to focus on delivering high quality care, rather than spending that time on cumbersome administrative processes. Modules available include:

• Time and Attendance, • Care Planning, • Staff HR, • Finance, • Care Scheduling,

• Equipment Maintenance, • Behaviour Support, • Enquiries and Marketing,

• Income and Billing.

Advanced Health & Care also provides market leading software for homecare agencies, supported living providers and local authorities. Advanced Health & Care uses innovative technology to allow organisations of all sizes to increase efficiency and compliance, giving them more time to deliver great care.

The Advanced Health & Care suite of products includes: Adastra, Advanced Community, Advanced Mobile Communications, Carenotes, Caresys, Crosscare, iConnect, iNurse, Odyssey, Pathfinder and Staffplan.



Telephone: 0203 239 1033  •  Email:  •

iplanit is a unique approach for social care and mental health service providers in learning disabilities, mental health, older people and/or supported housing services.

iplanit is a secure, cloud (or on-premises) web-based service that:

  • Puts action into person-centred support planning.
  • Evidences outcomes creating transparency, accountability for funders, providers and end customers/carers.
  • Enables service users take control of their care plans.
  • Supports risk management and drives up quality.
  • Informs strategy for management and funders through dashboards and reports based on KPI linked to people’s outcomes.
  • Promotes inclusion, cost reduction and co-production.
  • Supports collaboration and mobile working for carers/supporters.

iplanit uses data entered at the level of individual support to create a cross service/location dashboard for tracking and reporting on the impact and value of what a provider does, and planning the future development of  services.



Telephone: 0333 500 5115   •  Email:  •

CareDocs is a complete care-planning and home management system. The system uses a unique, three-step process to create care plans.

Step 1 – the user completes an easy-to-follow assessment, which covers all areas required for a full, compliant assessment of the resident.

Step 2 – using the information gathered in the assessment, CareDocs automatically generates a draft care plan, saving hours of work.

Step 3 – the draft care plan is personalised but every section can be edited or supplemented with other information enabling it to become a truly person-centred document.

The ongoing maintenance and update of the care plans is a simple and straightforward process. All text and content can be amended to reflect changes in circumstance. All previous content is saved for future reference creating an invaluable record of care history.

The care plan, in conjunction with daily occurrence notes and forms, gives you comprehensive guidance and evidence which will encourage best practice and support good care provision. Daily occurrence notes are categorised as different event types; using our system you can filter this information allowing you to produce a precise historical event log when you need it. Also, the system prompts you to record all resident experiences (eg doctor visits and hairdresser appointments) and indicate their mood. You can filter these events to analyse patterns in resident behaviour. You can then use this to make the necessary adjustments to the provision of their care.

CareDocs can monitor residents’ and staff records and ensure that equipment servicing schedules and daily checks are completed on time. All information can be stored and retrieved with ease.

CareDocs is supplied installed on desktop or laptop computers – no programmes to install or download. If you want more than one system, we provide a server system and additional computers to meet your needs. All our subscription packages include unlimited technical support and regular updates. We also provide you with initial training when we install the system so that you get the most from CareDocs right from the start.

CareDocs covers all the areas of recording and record-keeping that a care home requires. As well as maintaining residents’ records, care plans and progress notes, CareDocs will also record staff training records and supervisions. Users can also maintain home maintenance records with a facility to keep daily recordings of equipment performance and maintenance schedules. CareDocs Mobile enables care workers to add daily progress notes remotely using any internet-enabled device through a secure website.

CareDocs is supplied ready-to-run on our own hardware and is a complete system; there is nothing more to buy or more modules to gain full access to all the features. Customers benefit from all future upgrades to the programme without any fee. It is suitable for residential care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care.

Free initial training with ongoing support plus distance and telephone training are available. Further, on-site visits can be arranged.  User training videos are built into the product. There is unlimited technical support (UK-based) on all hardware. Over 600 systems are currently in use across the UK.

First systems (including hardware) £150.00+vat per month (minimum 12 month subscription). Subsequent systems £95.00+vat per month.



Telephone: 0117 214 0585  •  Email:  •

CarePlanner has been developed in partnership with several homecare agencies with the sole purpose of tackling the issues they face. It isn’t a general purpose rostering solution or staff management product. We live and breathe homecare and have built a software solution to match.

Cloud based – You don’t have to maintain expensive servers, software and backup solutions etc. We do all the work for you.

Unbeatable value – Pay as you go with no long-term contracts, no ‘upgrade’ fees and no additional charge for core features.

Top Notch Support – You can call us as much as you like and you will get straight through to someone who can help.

Saves you time – Save days of manual tasks every week. CarePlanner automates dozens of administrative tasks.

Uses the latest technology – No ‘virtual desktops’, no leaving your office PC running, no multiple passwords. CarePlanner is a technological breath of fresh air.

Easy to use – CarePlanner is very user-friendly and you don’t need to be trained to use it. You can call our support team at any time if you have any questions or just want to discuss the best way of doing something.

CarePlanner doesn’t stand still. Based on customer feedback, we continually add new features to the system that are made available to all our customers, free-of-charge, as soon as they are ready. Here are just some of the features the system offers.

Easy, intuitive rota planning – Rota planning that anyone can use – no need to memorise information. It will all be on the screen.

Record-keeping – Keep track of staff training, service user requirements and day-to-day incidents with CarePlanner’s thorough record-keeping system.

Automated texting and emailing – Text, email or print your rotas for all staff with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Secure, cloud-based system – 256 bit, online banking-grade security; accessible to your staff from anywhere on virtually any device.

Professional invoices and timesheets – Printed or emailed, CarePlanner generates smart, customisable invoices and staff timesheets.

Integration with third-party systems – No more piles of invoices, transfer all your invoice data to Sage Line 50 with ease.

Automatic mileage calculations – Choose how and when to pay/bill for mileage, at what rate and based on exact distances.

Call monitoring – Know for certain that a care assistant has attended an appointment and receive a warning if they have been delayed.

Mobile Apps – Care staff can use their phones to view their rosters and you can include any information required to clients and appointments.

Customisation – CarePlanner is infinitely customisable. If it doesn’t do something you need, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.



Telephone: 01440 766400  •  Email:  •

iCareHealth’s Electronic Medication Management software is the only software to integrate seamlessly with your choice of pharmacy, to create a safe and efficient flow of information between the pharmacy and care home. The comprehensive electronic medication administration record promotes significant safety gains by ensuring staff only ever view the medications intended for administration during a certain round, and that the administration of these medications meets compliance and more importantly the needs of the resident.

The use of alerts and warnings aid care staff to help ensure they comply with the highest standard of medication administration procedures.

Medication reports can be generated instantly, based on the most up-to-date resident information to provide greater transparency across medication management processes and trends within your facility. Standard and customisable medication reports highlight medication errors, medications not administered, administered PRN medications and more, to helps safeguard against risks and ensure compliance of your medication management procedures.


LNT Software

Telephone: 0113 385 3853  •  •

LNT Software truly understands the care sector. We are committed to providing the highest quality software solutions to help your business. We have been designing and delivering care home management software for nearly 15 years, providing our CoolCare system to care homes throughout the UK and Ireland.

CoolCare3 has been built by care home owners for care home owners. Our goal with CoolCare is to offer an affordable, practical package that will be easy-to-use and grow with our clients. With our low cost of entry in to Coolcare3, your £90 monthly subscription includes all Coolcare3 elements plus support, maintenance and, of course, training. We do not believe in modules or extra bolt-ons. There are no software add-ons or modules required – everything is included in our package, ready for you to choose to use as you grow.

Time and attendance

This is an often over-looked benefit of CoolCare. Being able to manage staff in an efficient, fast and intelligent way can help you significantly improve your care facility in terms of its productivity and, ultimately, profitability. One way to ensure you are getting the most from your team, and to discover better ways to manage your team’s working hours, is to integrate employee time and attendance systems into the business. CoolCare works by letting your employees clock in to work using our iButton clocking in systems that automatically puts them on the right shift at the right time and being paid for the right job role. Being able to export your client payments and payroll to your accounting packages with peace of mind and in a few minutes, will also greatly ease your administration overhead.

Care planning

Being able to appropriately and correctly care for those people living with you should form the very ethos for which you operate. CoolCare helps by giving you the medium to collate all this information in a compliant and easily-accessible manner.

Company analysis

With CoolCare’s Operational Analysis, you can simply click a button and access the real-time data whenever you wish, including in great detail how a home had performed over the last four quarters. Complete with average weekly fees, occupancy and the fill rate.

Recruitment and staff HR

Maintaining your staff records can be a lengthy task, updating next of kin details, monitoring when a Visa expires or when a member of staff is sick yet booked on a course. All of these things can be managed by our in-depth HR Management system. And much, much more including Document Management, Messaging Centre, Enquiry Management, Training, Virtual Notice Boards.


Person Centred Software

Telephone: 01483 604108  •  •

Mobile Care Monitoring by Person Centred Software provides an innovative solution for evidencing care and electronic care planning that is focused on improving the quality of life for service users and care staff. In social care, the primary objective has to be to improve the quality of life. Care workers do their job because they love caring for people, so we start by helping to remove their routine tasks of writing daily records and make record-keeping fit in with their care duties. We also want service users to feel comfortable, safe and, above all, happy so we’ve made this objective the core of our product by measuring their happiness during each care interaction.

Mobile Care Monitoring incorporates handheld devices to collect evidence of care at the point of delivery, with processes built-in to provide protection to service users and staff. Through efficiency, accuracy, transparency and team-working, the system provides time savings for everyone involved in care, allowing more one to one time with service users, and also provides increased profitability through reduced staff induction costs and increased income.

The system is easy to use, fast and icon driven with limited need for typing. Visibility and transparency ensures that information is managed across the organisation. Care worker to nurse workflow is through automated escalation of certain care interventions; nurse to care worker with care plans, planned care routines and shift handover notes; and care worker to care worker workflow with service user preferences, flags for overdue care and happiness indicators. All this added together makes a unique solution to a very simple objective: to improve the life of everyone involved in social care.

The benefits of Mobile Care Monitoring include: Care workers get more time for care because they spend less time on administration and are better informed. Service users have less stressed care staff caring for them, and the system audits how happy service users are. Care managers get an holistic overview of care, presented in ways that helps them quickly identify potential problems, and know that all service users are being well cared for. A service user’s family and friends can know instantly that their loved one is receiving the care they need and is happy.

Mobile Care Monitoring is in use by customers providing elderly nursing and residential care; supported living; learning disability and domiciliary care. The system is available for £15 per full-time equivalent (FTE) user per month, based on one device per two FTE users. All prices are fully inclusive, covering software, devices, support and taxes.


Quality Compliance Systems

Telephone: 0333 405 33 33  •   •

Across the care sector Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) is a widely trusted and respected brand with over 7,000 users nationwide. The management system software and paper manuals are specifically designed to conform to the CQC standards. Quality Compliance Systems provides a high quality bespoke Care Quality Commission (CQC) management service for a range of services: domiciliary care, residential care, nursing care, learning disabilities, Mental health, supported living, dental and GP practices. No matter whether you are a business start-up or an established provider, we can help ensure that you adhere to the CQC’s planning and standards in all areas.

Access to our instant software updates and constant flow of information through paper updates, makes it easier to meet and exceed the CQC standards of quality and safety.

Highlights of the QCS System: Comprehensive Care Planning covers all aspects of care planning, from initial contact and first assessment through to admission and continuous review. Interactive Risk Assessment Centre, this tool has been developed to assist you with completing, creating and scheduling your assessments as well as action plans that will be sent directly to your Registered Manager. Mock Inspection Toolkit, step into the shoes of your inspector and find out what to improve on before your inspection. Up to 2,300 pages with 200+ easy to follow policies and procedures available on any computer or smart device with internet access. Support from a dedicated customer care executive. Easy to use, we’ve designed the system in a way that is intuitive and efficient for everyone to use. And so much more.

Best of all, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our compliance advisers will be happy to give you a free trial. Contact us on 0207 138 3078 option 1 or complete a free trial request at and experience for yourself the peace of mind of knowing you’re compliant and up to date.

What our clients are saying…‘With QCS, managing compliance is now easier than it has ever been.’ ‘QCS makes compliance user-friendly.’ ‘Effectively we have offloaded responsibility for updating our policies to QCS. It’s the first place to go when a compliance matter comes up.’

Telephone: 01733 311599   •   • is an online rostering and monitoring system that can be used anywhere, at any time. It focuses on streamlining manual processes, leaving you time to concentrate on running your business. It works by matching staff to client requirements based on a range of user-defined criteria such as specific health needs, continuity of care or location. It will then generate timesheets, invoices and payroll whilst also taking the pain out of everyday communications between clients and staff. The efficiency and accuracy of the system allows you provide the highest possible service quality. is a highly-flexible system ideal for providers of all sizes; the basic functionality can be enhanced at any time by a wide range of additional modules, all designed to save you time and money. These include three electronic call monitoring options, Travel, MIS, Document Management, Staff and Client Portals, Audit plus the re-launched ‘Bee’ app and the new Real Time Mapping module.

Bee is an Android app designed to give field staff all the information they need to carry out their working day, including their daily schedule, appointment details and the ability to check in and out of visits for proof of service delivery. New ‘Real Time Mapping’ allows you to track the location of your field staff in real time improving your quality of service by ensuring that field staff are where they should be. It also allows you to react quickly to any issues that may arise, by diverting routes that staff members are due to take or re-scheduling another staff member to a requirement.

Webroster is proud to have been providing web-based software solutions for nearly 12 years and we are delighted to see customers and staff who have been with us since day one! We value the relationship that we have with each of our customers and provide an individual and personal service at all times. New customers are welcomed on board with a bespoke implementation and training programme provided by PRINCE2 qualified consultants. All customers are fully supported through our SDI accredited customer support service and have access to an online suite of help guides. In addition, annual user open days provide best practice guidance to system users. Strategic roadshows are also held annually for customers to hear about and give feedback on planned developments.

‘Using allows our managers to spend more time managing the services and less time doing administrative tasks such as verifying timesheets. Since using we have saved eight hours per day and more than £36,000 per year.’ Shirley Harris, Future Home Care.

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