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Dechoker UK have been supporting the care sector for nearly 3 years – during which time they have prevented dozens of choking deaths.

The Dechoker ACD – Airway Clearance Device – has been developed for use in a choking emergency when existing Basic Life Support techniques have failed.

When a person’s airway is obstructed, and they cannot breathe – either with food or another object – then time is critical. The hand-held Dechoker creates directed suction over the airway and is designed to remove food, liquid, or other obstructions.

A study by the Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with multiple care providers over 2-year period demonstrates just how effective the Dechoker can be. In a choking situation this was evident in both the successful removal of the obstruction and in the resident’s recover after the incident.

In a significant number of cases there was no requirement for the victim to attend A&E, the impact of which in the new Covid-19 era is all too obvious.

User training is delivered via the free CPD Certified eLearning module. This is provided using either the standalone platform or by one of their training partners which currently includes eLFY, Access, My Learning Cloud, Altura Learning, Care Shield and Cornerstone.


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