Loneliness Annual Report 2020

January 20, 2020

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has published its first Loneliness Annual Report 2020. It looks at tackling loneliness in the UK and provides an update on the progress made since the publication of the cross-government Loneliness Strategy in October 2018.

The report states that Government’s goal remains to significantly reduce the number of lonely people over the next 10 years, noting that, 'Doing so will require long-term action from government, business and civil society and a change in public attitudes.'

The Loneliness Annual Report 2020 calls for everyone to play their part in helping to reduce loneliness, to make it OK to talk about loneliness and to support society to accept the issue.

It also explores the areas where Government has made significant changes to the way loneliness is understood and approached in the country, detailing the steps that have been taken so far, and the funding that has been put in place to make a difference.

Looking to the future, the report shares the next big areas of focus for Government. These are:

  • The need for more information and communication about loneliness and the activities which are available to reduce it.
  • The need for further policies targeted at tackling children and young people’s loneliness - young people report struggling with loneliness more than any other group, but targeted interventions and policies are currently relatively sparse.
  • The need to tackle loneliness through place - strengthening community infrastructure and assets, and growing people’s sense of belonging.

Further details on how Government intends to tackle these specific issues will be released later this year.

The full report can be found on the GOV.UK website, where you can also read case studies that show the breadth and impact of the work that has already been undertaken.

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