New report on the power of music

April 22, 2022

UK Music and Music for Dementia have come together to write a powerful report on how to harness the power of music to transform our health, well-being and communities.

The report asks for the Government to work with health, care, music, philanthropy, and third sectors to work together to invest in and capitalise on the positive changes the power of music can deliver. It also outlines a series of ambitious but achievable recommendations to create tangible solutions to this serious issue. These include:

  • The appointment of the UK’s first Power of Music Commissioner to champion and coordinate all the work in this area – setting up a new Government taskforce and a Life With Music Consortium to spearhead positive change.
  • A major public awareness campaign to show how the power of music can change lives, improve health and bring communities together – is supported by a new online information platform, the development of which is being led by Universal Music.
  • Support frontline workers with accessible training to music within three years to understand the benefits of music and how to use it as part of the care they provide in their work setting.
  • Extra funding to help make music accessible to all delivered by new investment partnerships between Government, industry and philanthropists.

Music for Dementia Campaign Director Grace Meadows said, ‘The pandemic has shown us how we urgently need to reimagine health and social care in the UK.  Music has a critical role to play in this and while we’re committed to making this happen, we can’t do this alone. We need leadership, public engagement and funding at the very least, including the appointment of a Power of Music Commissioner who will turn our recommendations into action.

‘One of our biggest challenges is that people still don’t know about the power of music, but we could begin to change that within a year.

‘As a country we can change the lived experience of millions suffering from dementia and wider health issues. We can do it quickly, simply and we can do it now for a relatively small investment. It just needs commitment and a determination to work together. Let’s do it.’

The charity is asking people to join the debate and share your thoughts about this report and the power of social by using #powerofmusic on social media.

Music for Dementia won the Dementia Care Award at the Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards 2020.

Visit the Music for Dementia website to read the report in full.

In other news, Social-Ability, a social venture aimed at supporting the lives of people living with cognitive challenges such as dementia, has introduced its Happiness Programme to care homes and day services.

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