Newly-qualified nurses from overseas

September 26, 2018

Newly-qualified nurses and midwives from other countries will be able to apply to work in the UK, thanks to new changes from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Nurses and midwives trained outside the EU will be allowed to apply to work in the UK immediately after they qualify.

Until now, nurses and midwives from outside the EU need to have been qualified and have worked for a minimum of 12 months before being able to apply to work in the UK. The change to allow newly-qualified nurses and midwives to apply immediately brings applicants from outside the EU into line with their EU counterparts.

People applying to work in the UK from outside the EU will still need to pass the NMC’s strict test to prove they’re safe to work. They must also be able to show that they are able to communicate effectively in English.

The NMC has also released improved guidance and supporting materials for applicants to enable them to be as prepared as possible and show that they are up to the regulator’s requirements.

These changes form part of a wider and ongoing NMC review looking at improving the whole experience for people seeking to apply to work in the UK from other countries.

Emma Broadbent, Director of Registration and Revalidation at the Nursing and Midwifery Council said, 'More than 65,000 nurses and midwives from outside the EU deliver first class care to millions of people across the UK every year and they are a vital part of our health and care workforce.

'This change will remove an unnecessary barrier, making it as simple and straightforward as possible for highly skilled nursing and midwifery staff to join the workforce.'

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