Preventing loneliness in dementia

July 31, 2019

The Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) has published a report looking at preventing loneliness in dementia.

The organisation used this year’s Dementia Action Week to gather and share examples of extra care schemes and other housing-related community services supporting people with dementia to develop meaningful relationships.

The aim is to spread awareness of the different things that can be done to prevent loneliness for people with dementia, as the relationships explored in the report can help to reduce social isolation. The examples provided range from informal arrangements supported by staff or other residents to formal service provision.

This compendium brings those examples together in one place, along with further examples of best practice that was uncovered during Dementia Action Week. Housing LIN has also included a section on work being done by organisations to further the Dementia Friendly agenda.

Examples of good practice include Sycamore Dining, a scheme which brings people together around large tables and a meal; several organisations allowing people to join in activities; accessible mini community gardens with benches where people can gather and chat; and a reading and discussion group specifically for people with memory issues.

Organisations included in the report include Housing 21, Anchor Hanover and Together Housing Association. The full report can be read on the Housing LIN website.

Housing LIN continues to look for examples of good practice in preventing loneliness in dementia to share amongst the wider community. If you have any work you would like to share, or would like support with dementia friendly practices, contact Katey Twyford and Wendy Wells, Housing and Dementia co-leads for the Housing LIN,

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