Public support tax rises for social care

August 7, 2019

GMB has found that almost three quarters of the general public support tax rises for social care as part of a survey conducted on its behalf.

Of the 1,024 people polled, 73% said they would be in favour of a tax increase to pay for adult social care.

There was also much support for better treatment of care workers, with 86% of people surveyed saying care workers should be well paid and trained and 83% saying that pay should be reflective of the skilled and complex work care workers carry out. 80% thought that care workers should be treated in the same way as NHS staff in terms of pay, training and working conditions.

Conducted in June 2019, the poll also asked what state people believed adult social care to be in. It found that 68% of people thought the sector was in a poor state, while just 23% of people believed it to be in a good or very good state.

The results of this survey come as GMB launches a nationwide survey of care workers to better understand the state of the sector across the country.

Kelly Andrews, GMB National Officer, said, 'Our social care system isn’t just in crisis – it’s crumbling around our ears.

'A third of carers leave the profession every year while funding is woefully behind what is needed.

'Throughout our lives, we will all come into contact with care - be it our mums and dads needing help, working as a carer or knowing someone who does. Ultimately we will all need it ourselves.

'GMB will not stop unless this vital service is professionalised. The dedicated carers we all rely on need the pay and training they deserve.'

Earlier this year, GMB helped to set up a cross-party parliamentary group to tackle the issues faced by the social care sector.

The survey now being conducted by GMB can be found on the group's website.

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