Report: benefits of voluntary sector care providers

May 16, 2019

A new report looking at the benefits of voluntary sector care providers has been published, highlighting how they build community connections and collaborate with local partners.

Above and Beyond: How voluntary sector providers of disability support add value to communities, produced by Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) explores how innovative not-for-profit organisations consistently and proactively meet gaps in support, particularly as austerity undermines existing provision.

Through real-life stories from four disability support providers, including Certitude and MacIntyre, Above and Beyond describes the influence and benefits of voluntary sector care providers.

The specific areas of work described in the report challenge perceptions of people who need support, encourage inclusion and benefit the wider community.

Above and Beyond outlines the voluntary care sector’s key impacts, which include:

  • Engaging local partners and harnessing the potential of community resources.
  • Helping people meet their aspirations and live the lives they want.
  • Reducing social isolation and promoting inclusion.
  • Creating wider social and community benefits by supporting the needs of individuals.
  • Changing perceptions of disability.

VODG Chief Executive, Dr Rhidian Hughes said, 'Above and Beyond makes a compelling case for greater recognition of the transformative role that voluntary sector organisations play in the lives of disabled people. Our report outlines proactive and ambitious approaches to care that should be replicated if we are to encourage people’s potential, choice and control and if we want to engender a sense of community in local areas. VODG believes that sharing stories of social impact and partnership working will inspire others to do more and encourage local authority commissioners to support the kind of community development projects described in Above and Beyond.'

Read the full report and share your thoughts below.

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