Skills for Care launches retention campaign

October 4, 2021

Skills for Care has launched a new campaign to support workforce retention, which will run throughout October and November.

Social care providers will be offered information and ideas through blogs, articles, and social media posts to help them #RetainToGain.

Investing in staff retention is vital to the success of any organisation. It helps with the continuity of high-quality care, staff wellbeing, time and cost savings, and positive Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings.

Employers with a turnover of less than 10% told Skills for Care, that their main activities contributing to staff retention were:

  • Investing in learning and development.
  • Embedding the values of their organisation.
  • Celebrating organisational and individual achievements.
  • Involving colleagues in decision making.

Skills for Care said they can provide support to help providers retain their workforce and ensure that you have the right people with the right values working with you.

There are more than 112,000 vacancies in care and the Government itself predicts the loss of 40,000 to 70,000 workers because of its ‘no jab, no job’ care homes policy.

A survey of Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) members last month unearthed stark findings in relation to workforce challenges.

Dr Rhidian Hughes, Chief Executive of VODG, said, ‘Disabled people rightly expect to use high quality services and there is a risk that their support options, and the quality, could very quickly become compromised if these workforce challenges are not urgently addressed.

‘The Government must urgently make funds available for the sector, with a significant proportion of that ring-fenced for pay uplifts for care workers. We want to see social care commissioned, as a minimum, at Real Living Wage rates.’

Recruitment specialist, Neil Eastwood, who is also the author of Saving Social Care and Founder and CEO of Care Friends, said, ‘Whichever side of the Mandatory Vaccination debate you are on, dismissing unvaccinated workers at a time when frontline care worker vacancies have already reached an unprecedented level, represents a serious risk to our sector’s ability to meet the demand for safe and adequate care. We know longstanding staff are most likely to be driven to leave when they feel they can no longer do a good job. This is exactly the situation many now find themselves in. As regular reports come in of managers and office staff covering care shifts themselves, we know we have a very short time before the system starts to collapse.’

Visit the Skills for Care website for more information about workforce retention and resources to help.

In other news, The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced that it will be extending its financial support for the adult social care sector this winter.

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when a person has worked for a company for 7 years and never missed a shift, they have worked all through the Pandemic and now i have to sack her. she can leave my employment and get a job as a health care assistant at the hospital.
If NHS don’t have to be vaccinated nor any other front line worker, why pick on the care sector

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