Social Care COVID-19 Taskforce: final report

September 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Taskforce for social care has released its final report which aims to advise on a plan to see the sector through the coming months.

Making a total of 51 recommendations, the report contains clear action points not just for Government and the Department of Health and Social Care, but for other sector bodies too.

The Social Care COVID-19 Taskforce was set up in June, to produce this report at the same time as helping to oversee the implementation of Government’s social care action plan and care home support package.

The COVID-19 Taskforce final report looks in turn at

  • PPE.
  • Testing.
  • The need for widespread uptake of flu vaccinations.
  • Workforce issues, such as training, recruitment and wellbeing.
  • The Infection Control Fund.
  • How and where new guidance is released.
  • How communications are handled.
  • Provision of clinical support to care homes and homecare services.
  • The discharge of COVID-19 patients to care settings.
  • Inspection and regulation.
  • How the Department of Health and Social Care uses the expertise of social care professionals.
  • The use of data and digital systems.
  • The Care Home Support Plan.
  • The Adult Social Care Action Plan.
  • Services for informal carers.

Amongst the recommendations in the final report from the COVID-19 Taskforce, is the review of testing of Care Quality Commission inspectors and family members who visit care services. It also suggests the creation of an accessible site for all guidance to be published in various formats, and that all guidance should be produced with input from sector experts. It goes on to state that, 'A social care specialist should be included in developing communications in a range of accessible and culturally accessible formats including guidance aimed at unpaid carers' and that, 'There should be a single dashboard which can be used by each region for the social care sector based on the national dashboard, and used to identify risk and support improvement.'

The full final report from the COVID-19 Taskforce is available to read on the GOV.UK website.

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