Webinar: LESS COVID-19

January 6, 2021

Care Management Matters will be hosting a webinar alongside The National Care Forum on Thursday 14th January, which will share key findings from a new report: 'LESS COVID-19' - a report conducted by the National Care Forum (NCF), NICHE Leeds, and The University of Leeds.

The report, LESS COVID-19: Learning by Experience and Supporting the Care Home Sector during the COVID-19 pandemic examines the key lessons learnt, so far, by frontline care home and NHS staff.

Discussion will focus on the relevance and resonance of the report and its findings, bringing together views from the for-profit and not-for-profit care home sectors.

The webinar will explore:

  • How the report’s findings coincide with your experiences.
  • What impact the report could have on the wider care home sector.
  • Gaps in the report that could still be addressed.

The overall aim of the report was to capture the experiences of frontline care home and NHS staff caring for older people with COVID-19 and to share the lessons learnt about the presentation, trajectories, and management of the infection with care homes that have and have not yet experienced the virus.

NCF, NICHE Leeds, and The University of Leeds addressed this overall aim through the following objectives:

  • To understand the clinical presentation and illness trajectories of COVID-19 for older people (aged over 65 years) being cared for in hospital and care homes.
  • To describe what worked well and what more is needed for care and treatment of older people with COVID-19.
  • To identify key lessons for supporting infected older people to recover well or, if that is not possible, to die well.
  • To share findings and lessons learnt (objectives 1 to 3) with care home senior staff to explore useful strategies for managing the infection at an individual and organisational level within the home for the mutual benefit of residents, relatives and staff.
  • To explore the resonance and relevance of lessons learnt (objectives 1 to 4) with care home providers and to identify any gaps.

Further, and beyond the funded work, NCF, NICHE Leeds, and The University of Leeds said they will:

  • Co-create, with the care home sector, a range of resources to share the overall lessons learnt with frontline staff and provider organisations.

There were two phases for the collation of the report’s data.  Phase 1 involved interviews with frontline staff (June-July 2020) and phase 2 involved consultations with senior operational and quality managers in care homes (September 2020).

To join in the discussions and to find out key insights, register your place. The webinar will take place at 2pm on Thursday 14th January and is open to all who wish to attend. You don’t have to be an NCF member to join and there will be allocated time at the end of the webinar for a Q&A session. Sign up here.

To read the report in full before attending the webinar, visit the National Care Forum website.



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