Attitudes towards co-production

July 2, 2019

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has released a report, Attitudes towards co-production, revealing that almost two-thirds of people who access social care, or care for those who do, feel that they don’t get a say in how services work.

The majority (62%) of people who responded (both people using services and their carers), reported that they do not feel they have a say in how their support services are designed and delivered.

In fact, the survey showed that just 11% of those asked positively, strongly or completely agreed that they have a say in how their services are designed and delivered.

Published in line with Co-production Week, the SCIE survey on attitudes towards co-production also brings together responses from those working in social care. Overall, 96% of surveyed professionals in the sector said that they would prefer to work in services that are designed and delivered in equal partnership between themselves, carers and people who use services. 95% of people who use services and their carers said they would prefer to use services that have been co-produced.

Commenting on the survey results, SCIE’s Head of Co-production, Pete Fleischmann, said, 'The majority of those working in the sector, carers and people who use services that responded to our survey, want to see co-production put into practice - something which is not currently happening for everyone.

'It is only when everyone’s contribution is valued equally and power is shared that meaningful co-production can happen. Building these equal partnerships can go a long way to avoiding social care failures in the future, as well as improve outcomes for those using services.

'Co-production offers the chance to transform social care and health provision to a model that that gives people real choice and control, improving services for all.'

Kate Pieroudis, Co-production Development Manager at SCIE added, 'Those we asked in our survey were clearly in favour of working in equal partnerships with each other to improve care and support services.

'We have to take steps to change this imbalance of power when in comes to designing and delivering services, in the hope that social care works for everyone.'

The full report is available to download from the SCIE website.

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