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Ten years on from ‘Winterbourne View’, what has changed?

Nikki Walker and Philippa Shirtcliffe of Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) reflect on the Winterbourne abuse scandal and interview frontline workers, policy makers and charities to determine how much progress has been made to combat failings in the sector.

What a joined-up health and social care system means for the future of care

The more joined up the different elements of care, the more likely everyone is to achieve the best outcomes. Jonathan Papworth, Person Centred Software, reports on plans for more integration

How will the social care sector be funded in the future?

In the first of a series of ‘Knowledge’ pieces, Philippa Shirtcliffe, Head of Care Quality at Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), focuses on the future of funding and asks if the current organisational model works.

Dealing with safeguarding enquiries

Neil Grant from Gordons Partnership discusses the safeguarding enquiry process.

Managing Care Contracts

Neil Grant from Gordons Partnership explores the best ways to manage your care contracts.

Handling CQC Inspections

Neil Grant from Gordons Partnership discusses the best ways you can prepare for a CQC inspection.

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