Building Safe Choices for older LGBT+ people

September 30, 2020

Tonic, Stonewall Housing and Opening Doors London (ODL) have released a new joint report, Building Safe Choices, which aims to capture ‘the voice of the demand’ of older LGBT+ people.

The research looks to better understand the housing, care and support requirements of older LGBT+ people in London to ensure that everyone is able to choose from a range of options in terms of the support they receive.

With over 620 respondents, the survey was the largest of its kind and carried out in early 2020,
closing mid-lockdown.

Building Safe Choices found that people wanted:

  • Housing, care and support services that are safe.
  • Policy makers and providers to recognise their diversity and differences.
  • More advice and support around housing and associated services.

The hope is that, with the launch of this report, the voice of demand of older LGBT+ people will be heard,
and positive change will be seen in the options available.

The report also looks at whether people would prefer to live in LGBT+ specific housing, LGBT+ accredited housing or general housing, stating that, 'LGBT+ specific/affirming retirement communities are overwhelmingly popular regardless of financial assets or tenure, but also...LGBT+ accredited retirement housing would be popular.'

In a call to action, the three organisations share five key recommendations for public bodies:

  • Formally recognise the needs of older LGBT+ people in policy and practice.
  • Co-design a pathway to enable older LGBT+ people to access appropriate services and
  • Commit to developing LGBT+ affirming housing in London.
  • Promote LGBT+ accredited housing and care services.
  • Fund LGBT+ community led services for older people.

The full Building Safe Choices report is available to read and download.

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