Care group to raffle prize to encourage staff to get vaccinated

August 12, 2021

A specialist care group in Milton Keynes is offering a brand new car as a raffle prize to fully vaccinated staff as it says its more cost effective than recruiting new team members.

Staff at PJ Care face losing their jobs if they haven’t been fully vaccinated by 11th November, apart from limited exemptions, in line with proposed Government legislation.

PJ Care is a provider of neurological care for adults with progressive conditions such as dementia, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and those with acquired brain injuries. The company runs two specialist care centres in Milton Keynes and another in Peterborough.

The legislation will apply to all Care Quality Commission-regulated care homes in England.  This will mean that anyone working in or seeking to work in a care home will need proof that they have had both COVID vaccinations.

Currently, 85% of PJ Care’s 600 staff have been fully vaccinated. Chairman, Neil Russell, hopes the chance to win a Renault Clio E-Tech worth £22,000 will help to encourage those who are open to changing their minds.

Neil Russell, Chairman of PJ Care, said, 'We know that there are some of our staff who, for whatever reason, just do not feel able to receive the vaccine. But there are those staff who are still undecided or haven’t yet made their appointments for whom the prize of a new car could be the deciding factor.

'We absolutely believe in the vaccine and have informed and encouraged our staff throughout, and it will pain us to lose any of our valued and highly-skilled team.  With the average salary of a carer here being just over £20,000, plus our investment in their training, overtime they may earn and the costs of recruiting their replacement, if this initiative gets just one person to have the vaccine and stay in their job, we will have saved money.'

Neil added, 'Recruiting staff in this sector is already difficult and adding in a requirement for vaccination will only make the situation worse.  In this context, a new car is a small price to pay – indeed, it is actually an investment rather than a cost.'

How are your encouraging staff to take-up the vaccine? Are you exploring any staff incentives? Get in touch with CMM and let us know at:





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