Developments in personalisation – It’s still personal

June 20, 2017

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) has published a new paper considering developments in personalisation and how personalisation is operating in the current climate. It highlights that austerity is a real barrier to progress.

Since the implementation of the Care Act 2014, personalisation has become part of the mainstream of adult social care, with rights to personalised care and support enshrined in law.

Having worked with users, carers and partner agencies to implement personalised social care across England since the publication of Putting People First in 2007, ADASS has been a champion of personalisation since its inception.

Its new report, It’s Still Personal summarises the developments in personalisation that have been undertaken by local authorities to ensure that people receive the right support that helps them to lead fulfilled lives.

Although progress has been made towards making personalised care and support the norm, it is clear from the report that there is still some way to go to achieve the vision set out in Putting People First.

On the subject of austerity and its impact on personalisation, financial pressures facing local authorities are a real risk to progress, with less money available to support people. It says, ‘The current acute and sustained pressure on public finances could put at risk the progress already made and the vital changes still needed’.

With cuts made across all services, ADASS says that Personal Budgets have been a targeted area for savings, ‘The latest ADASS budget survey from July 2016 showed Personal Budgets were a targeted area for service reductions in 2015/16 alongside reductions across the board. However, councils are doing what they can to protect these budgets: only 18 percent of the targeted cuts were to Personal Budgets. However, by 2018-2020, 72 percent of directors thought that people will get smaller Personal Budgets.’

The report contains interesting case studies on what local authorities are doing to support personalisation, as well as information on new approaches, including Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme which joins up health, social care and other services around the individual.

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