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Resource Finder: Technology

Technology has played an important role during the global pandemic, with developments happening all the time. This resource finder gives you information on some of the sector’s leading providers, to help you enhance your digital offering and stay ahead.


Tel: 0117 200 1474


• Care homes.
• Care homes with nursing.


• Medication management.
• Barcode technology for ultimate safety.
• Operational efficiency.
• Full integration with pharmacy.
• Full integration with electronic care planning.
• Manage stock, optimise therapy and simplify prescription tasks.
• Monitor performance in real time.

Company profile

ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes, reduce NHS costs and enhance the way healthcare professionals deliver care. We aim to do this by developing well-designed, intuitive software solutions that put pharmacy at the heart of healthcare so it can play a more central role in medicine management.

Medicines management processes within institutional settings such as care homes are often complex and involve a multi-disciplinary approach. Our Atlas eMAR solution helps improve patient safety and reduce the risk of medication errors.

Atlas has been the most successful electronic medicines management solution proven through independent research.

Care Vision

Tel: 0208 768 9809

Company profile

At Care Vision we believe care may never be the same again. Outstanding care truly is at the heart of everything we do, with a clear purpose of less admin, more care.

Growing up working in a family-owned care home, Rishi Jawaheer saw first-hand the main needs in the care sector; to cut down on the burden of manual paperwork while maintaining good practice and to encourage people to become more involved in care. Using his experience as a registered manager, with some of the smartest minds in tech, Rishi was driven to create Care Vision, an all-in-one cloud-based care management system, incorporating all your care and admin into one easy-to-use system.

Care Vision acts as a bridge which uses technology that organises care work and ensures a safer, better, more intimate experience for every member of the community, from administration, to family, friends and the people we care for.

Care Vision provides a variety of uses such as:

  • An easy-to-use system for care workers, managers, and relatives; bringing care and admin into one platform, to manage time, attendance, rotas, HR, housekeeping, maintenance etc.
  • An eMar system, reducing medication errors.
  • An intuitive daily notes section.
  • A pictorial food order system that allows the individual to choose from a menu.
  • Daily reminders in the form of care routines.
  • Care plans/risk assessments/life stories.
  • A family app that allows families to keep track of their loved one’s wellbeing.

Care Vision gives you the freedom to access it using mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC in real time whilst safely securing and storing data within the platform.

Built flexibly to adapt to services of any size, large or small, Care Vision’s structured, interactive features engage care workers in sharing information with the end user and their family.

Carefree Management

Tel: 01924 667598


  • Home care.
  • Supported living.
  • Residential care.
  • Reablement care.
  • Live-in care.


  • Rostering.
  • Care management software.
  • HR.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Staff and HR records.
  • Training compliance.
  • Invoicing.
  • Payroll.
  • Scheduling system.
  • Care management software.
  • National minimum wage.
  • Holiday pay.
  • Extensive library of reports.
  • Mileage calculator.
  • Allocation and skills matching.
  • Carer/family portals.
  • OnCall.
  • Digital care planning.

Company profile

‘One Team, One Solution.’

CareFree is a cloud-based all-in-one rostering, care management and finance system helping streamline processes and allowing home care providers to run their business more efficiently, whilst reinforcing Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance.

With over 20 years’ experience, we offer our customers a professional and reliable software solution so they can successfully manage their business, which keeps them fully compliant and connected to their staff and customers.

We understand the industry challenges and have a variety of products specifically developed to meet the needs of today’s domiciliary care provider. Whether it’s a call monitoring system to ensure a call is never missed, an eMar system or the need to manage your business remotely, we can offer a tailored solution for you.

Save time and stress with Ci, our Digital Care Planning System. Our cloud-based, customisable form-builder enables you to get crucial data for your client which is instantly sent to office staff.

At Carefree, we firmly believe our customers are the most important thing. We take pride in going above and beyond to ensure they get the best service. We fully understand each company will have their own requirement. Each customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will manage each process from start to finish. This includes a tailored consultation, demonstration, customised training delivered by our TAP qualified team and unlimited support from our highly acclaimed team.

  • Over 2,500 active users.
  • 1,000,000 visits rostered per week.
  • 23 staff, over 150 years of industry experience.
  • 98% customer retention rate.


Tel: 0117 214 0585


  • Domiciliary care.
  • Recruitment agencies.


  • Rostering.
  • Invoicing and timesheets.
  • Call administration.
  • Record keeping.
  • Reports.

Company profile

Care is all about people. That’s why we built a system that puts people first. CarePlanner gives you the tools to create staff rosters, client schedules, invoices and timesheets with ease and efficiency. With robust reporting, personalised recommendations, and up-to-date call monitoring, we can help save you time and money that you can invest in frontline care.

We pride ourselves on reflecting the outstanding ideals of the care industry in our own business practices. This means that alongside offering a top-of-the-line software solution we also provide a first-class onboarding and technical support experience for all our clients. Each CarePlanner client is assigned their own account manager, ensuring that CarePlanner has been set up in the best way for your company. Our dedicated support team is on hand to offer specialised support whenever you need it.

We know how stressful co-ordinating and delivering care can be, and the passion it requires. That’s why our focus is on taking care of you, so you can focus on taking care of
your clients.


Tel: 0113 385 3853


  • Administration.
  • Care home management.
  • Residential care.
  • Supported living.
  • Nursing homes.


  • Rostering.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Staff and HR records.
  • Training compliance.
  • Resident records.
  • Occupancy management.
  • Enquiry CRM system.
  • Resident invoicing.
  • Petty cash.
  • Home ledgers.
  • Virtual notice board.
  • Business analysis and reporting
  • Staff portal.
  • Agency cost management.

Company profile

CoolCare saves care homes time and money by automating administrative tasks. It helps to prevent unnecessary overspend on items such as care home staffing, as well as boosting revenues through effective occupancy management and accurate invoice processing. Whether a single home or a multi-site group, CoolCare enables easy care home management and improves the profitability of your business.

Our years of experience in running care homes means we know the complexities of key operational processes, such as invoicing, and understand the pressures of running a 24/7 business. We truly get the needs of care home businesses and our software has been designed based on those decades of operational expertise.

As a result, care home and head office staff alike find CoolCare very easy to use. Its exceptional user-friendliness comes from that deep understanding of what a day in the life of a care home is really like. We understand the way care homes work and how staff will want to use the software to your business’ advantage. The software’s careful design therefore ensures our customers’ care home management is as simple and efficient as possible. That also encourages more usage of the system and improved accuracy, which in turn makes business analysis and planning easier.

Any information that requires action by your staff will be brought to their attention through their personal dashboard. Your staff’s time can therefore be better focused, giving them time to spend with residents and preventing potential errors.

CoolCare can be accessed through any device, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection. It is quick and easy to get started on CoolCare, and your business will be reaping the financial and operational benefits of more efficient care home management within weeks of getting set-up.

Intelligent Care Software

Tel: 01424 400060


  • Care homes.
  • Care homes with nursing.
  • Domiciliary care.
  • Supported living.


  • Care and support.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Policy, training, supervision and appraisal.
  • eMAR.
  • Rota and roster.

Company profile

Intelligent Care Software Limited designs and promotes intelligent, intuitive, and cost-effective solutions for care home and domiciliary care management. We aim to produce applications that are simple and easy to use, work seamlessly together, and provide the information and detail that is required to ensure regulatory compliance and a high quality of service.

From enquiry through assessment and care planning to care delivery, CAREis helps to develop the care plan and to provide relevant and up-to-date data for quality assurance purposes. Care planning and provision is person-centred and updated in real time. Care workers know exactly what is required and when to deliver support, with simple and detailed recording of any intervention.

By extracting data from throughout CAREis in real time, quality assurance reviews and monitoring are far more efficient. This app provides audit templates for all areas of regulatory requirement, and ensures important inspections, audits, and actions are addressed in the specified timeframe. Analysis and action planning are streamlined and effective in reducing paperwork time and improving quality and compliance.

We provide policies and procedures based on the latest regulatory and governmental guidelines to ensure that your practice is up-to-date, relevant, and compliant in an easy to read format, improving knowledge of policies and procedure significantly throughout the organisation. Supervision and appraisals are completed within CAREis with updated matrices and prompts.

CAREis also offers integrated eMAR to ensure accurate medication dispensing with built in audits and reports, as well as its integrated Rota and Roster that produces timesheets and reports for payroll and book-keeping.


Tel: 01502 507349


  • Care homes.


  • Care planning.
  • ‘Flo’ the virtual nurse.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Family connectivity.
  • Nutrition.
  • Activities.
  • Maintenance.
  • Accounts.
  • Staff management.
  • Rota planning.
  • Administration.

Company profile

PredicAire is reimagining the delivery of care within a care home setting. It is the first end-to-end AI-powered care management solution under one data ecosystem able to predict person-centred outcomes to help prevent unnecessary outcomes with real-time data provision.

Delivering better care and better outcomes are at the core of PredicAire’s solution, overcoming the challenges and frustrations experienced by users and providers of care:

  • Large amounts of time-consuming administration.
  • Paper-based systems, which can lead to reporting and recording errors.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete information shared with medical professionals.
  • Lack of communication between care providers and residents’ families unless they are visiting.

PredicAire’s founders have experienced both sides of care provision and use their knowledge to inform and test the features of PredicAire, which will ensure better outcomes for everyone. The founders also have significant experience in data science and a thorough understanding of how structured data can provide meaningful insights. Their core advisory team of senior experienced managers, nurses, team leaders and care workers ensure that the whole care family has a personal experience.

PredicAire brings together superior digital care management in an intuitive, easy-to-administer, holistic way to support effective regulatory compliance and maximise care delivery.

PredicAire is a seamless, single-sign-on, cloud-based system which gives everything care providers need in one place without the need to purchase additional products. It is available on multiple devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, which allows the specific user to have the right tools at their fingertips to feel empowered to provide enhanced care.

PainChek UK

Tel: 0333 577 3397


  • Care homes.
  • Nursing homes.


  • Digital pain assessment tool.

Company profile

PainChek’s mission is to provide a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain, such as people living with dementia and other cognitive impairments. Its smartphone-based medical device uses facial-analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify involuntary micro-facial expressions indicative of pain. Combined with other non-facial indicators, PainChek® enables fast, effective, and reliable pain scores, with the whole assessment process taking less than two minutes to complete.

Pain and dementia share a complex relationship, and understanding this relationship is key to effective pain management. In the UK, around 70% of care home beds are occupied by residents living with a form of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Of this group, 80% experience pain at any one time, with 50% experiencing persistent pain.

PainChek® is fast and easy to use. The smartphone camera records a short video of the person’s face then analyses the images using facial recognition analytics. It automatically recognises and records facial muscle movements that indicate levels of pain.

The caregiver then uses PainChek® to observe and record pain-related behaviours, such as movement and how pain is vocalised by the person. Finally, PainChek® calculates an overall pain score and stores the result. This allows the caregiver to monitor the effect of medication and treatment over time.

PainChek® is a world-first pain assessment medical device – with regulatory clearance in Australia, Europe, Canada & New Zealand.

Person Centred Software

Tel: 01483 357657


  • Residential care homes.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Dementia care homes.
  • Supported living/care villages.
  • Mental health.
  • Learning disability.
  • Local authority.


  • Digital care planning and monitoring.
  • Fully mobile and icon driven.
  • Clinical hand held device.
  • Effective handover and staff messaging.
  • Works online and offline.
  • Built-in speech to text.
  • Accidents and Incidents.
  • Observations and Charts.
  • Fluid and Nutrition Monitoring.
  • API integration and reporting.
  • Electronic medicines management integration.
  • Body map/wound care.
  • Electronic activities evidence.
  • Relatives Gateway.
  • Group Reporting.
  • GDPR compliant record-keeping.

Company profile

Mobile Care Monitoring is the most widely-used digital care system and most widely referred software provider within social care.

Mobile Care Monitoring is the first fully mobile and easy to use digital care management system, used by over 2,000 care homes. Care staff using the icon-driven software evidence, on average, over 50 care notes per resident per day, which just isn’t possible on paper or many other systems.

Our person-centred digital care system reduces time spent on paperwork with care interactions evidenced as they happen, achieving the company’s aim of giving staff more time to spend with residents, supporting regulatory compliance and improving the quality of care for residents.

Nikki Thompson, Assistant Director for Practice and Development at the Salvation Army, said: ‘Going digital has reduced staff workload and more time is now spent with residents instead of completing paperwork, which boosts morale and happiness across the homes.
‘Having all the governance and compliance information in one place and accessible at all times is great. The integration is transforming our care homes and we’re so thankful we’ve gone digital!’

Our agile product can be quickly adaptable in times of crisis. New Coronavirus-specific features were added at the offset of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Relatives Gateway keeps relatives informed about the health and wellbeing of their loved one when they can’t be there.
Person Centred Software is leading the way in joined up care, being the first to send the Hospital Pack electronically from within the software to urgent care providers, and working directly with GP Connect at NHS Digital to bring GP information to English care homes.
Person Centred Software is certified with Cyber Essentials and Mobile Care Monitoring is a secure solution to keep your personal data safe with infrastructure that exceeds GDPR’s requirements.

Book a demo today to discover how our digital care system can benefit your care home now and in the future.

XperiSoft (CV Minder)

Tel: 01634 202101

<sub> Sectors

  • Homecare.
  • Care homes
  • Hospices.
  • Specialist care.


  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Company profile

Reduce recruitment costs, save time and improve hiring results with CVMinder ATS. It’s a complete recruitment system for care providers, from the smallest to the largest. Make the journey from advertising to placement quick, convenient, and professional. Be surprised by our low-cost subscriptions, too.

Let CVMinder ATS upload your jobs to free advertising options like Indeed, Monster, GOV Find a Job, CVLibrary and Google. Spend less advertising and attract candidates sooner. Connect to your subscription job boards, and select just the adverts you want CVMinder to upload. CVMinder ATS makes job posting quick and accurate.

Let jobseekers apply for your vacancies on job boards, your website or on social media posts. All applicants are organised for you in CVMinder ATS and you’ll receive all the personal details you require. You can ask for a CV, statement, criminal convictions, work history with gaps explained, equal opportunities, referees and more. You’ll have control over what you request and when you request it.

Shortlist centrally or spread the load to hiring managers. You’ll get fine control of each user’s permissions so you can build and protect a fair, compliant recruitment process. Hide sensitive information from others and deploy name-blind recruitment if you prefer. Your users see only what they should see at each stage.
Send updates to applicants using your own personalised templates. All communication is quick, easy, and professional with CVMinder ATS.

Schedule interviews with confidence by requesting candidate confirmations. Send offers of employment, request references, and manage employment checks all in one convenient solution. It’s all so easy with an Applicant Tracking System that’s made just for you.
Customers agree that CVMinder ATS is the best applicant tracking system for care providers. They enjoy big savings, recruit successfully, and receive great support. Call us to find out more.



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