Inside CQC: Joyce Frederick

Joyce Frederick, Deputy Chief Inspector for Registration at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) looks at work to review Registering the Right Support.

Almost two years have passed since CQC published Registering the Right Support in June 2017 following consultation.

The guidance explains how providers should comply with the national service model and best practice when developing services for people with a learning disability and/or autism.

The policy is applied across registration and inspection; both to support us in making decisions about applications to register or vary registration, and in the judgments we make during inspections about the quality of care being provided to people using services.

Over these two years we have learnt about providers’ and inspectors’ experience of applying Registering the Right Support in practice. This is why we have decided to carry out a review of the guidance to ensure its principles are clear and its aims are achieved. The extent of the review and the subject(s) it covers will be determined by a scoping exercise we are undertaking with stakeholders.

As part of this, we will consider guidance and recommendations published after Registering the Right Support and whether they should give rise to changes to guidance. As a result of our ongoing regulatory work, we and stakeholders have identified issues which we anticipate may form part of the review, subject to the scoping exercise. These may include further clarification on the definitions of campus and congregate settings and issues around supported living services.

We will make any changes to Registering the Right Support we consider appropriate following the review taking into account stakeholder views.

We have learnt a lot through our use of the guidance at CQC. One stand-out lesson is that where providers, commissioners and CQC work together with people who use services and their families around transforming care, the principles of Registering the Right Support are applied successfully. This has led to us registering many services in line with best practice – making a difference to the people now being supported by those services.

At the heart of all of this is the experience of people who use services. Registering the Right Support is part of the response to the catastrophic failures of care at Winterbourne View and we are all very clear that the guidance exists to support the development and delivery of services that lead to better outcomes for people. All of us working in the health and social care sector share a responsibility to learn from these failures and play our part in ensuring it does not happen again.

During this scoping review, we want to hear about your experience of reading and using the guidance and any ideas you have for how it could be improved. We’ll also be speaking to people who use services and their families, commissioners, inspectors and national health and social care organisations to ensure we’re hearing from everyone who has a stake in ensuring learning disability and autism services support people to live good lives.

We want to understand whether any changes are needed to make the guidance even more effective for all. Sign up to our newsletters to hear about opportunities to get involved.

As well as reflecting on the guidance, we are also supporting providers to apply the guidance today. Our pre-engagement service for Registering the Right Support enables providers to discuss their proposals or development ideas with CQC before submitting a registration application.

We can help providers interpret the requirements set out in the guidance and advise on the likelihood of registration – although we are only able to decide whether to grant registration once we have an application and have conducted an assessment.

If this sounds like a service that could support you with your ideas, read the guidance then get in touch.

Joyce Frederick is Deputy Chief Inspector for Registration at the Care Quality Commission. Share your thoughts and feedback on Joyce’s column below.

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