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Spotlight on…care sector training

This issue CMM has turned its spotlight onto care sector training providers and hopes they will help you keep on top of your organisation’s training needs.

The care sector has a duty to ensure that all staff are properly trained. Whether that training is Common Induction Standards, Manager Induction Standards, dementia-specific training, health and safety or anything else, it’s important you and your staff receive the right training from quality providers. Training can be delivered in so many different ways from face-to-face, on or off-site, DVD, e-learning and more.

Age UK Training –

Telephone: 0808 168 1225  •  Email:  •

As the UK’s leading charity for older people, Age UK believes everyone should be able to enjoy later life. That’s why the training arm, Age UK Training, has extended its range of exclusive courses to help meet workforce development needs on topics linked with ageing, with a ground-breaking new dementia-related training programme called Remember Me.

Specialising in programmes relating to the care sector, Age UK Training understands that compassionate, competent care is crucial, not only for those who require support, but also for those working within the industry.

With over 800,000 people aged over 65 living with dementia in the UK, Remember Me has been designed to encourage better support and understanding amongst social and health care practitioners who support older people with dementia. Using real case studies and practical learning, this essential new course places participants in the shoes of the person living with dementia, providing valuable insight into the challenges they faced and first-hand experience of what it may feel like.

Delivered by Age UK’s expert trainers, who draw upon years of frontline experience, the programme places individuals at the heart of the training. Reflecting this person-centred approach, participants are taught via five Foundation modules, which highlight how professionals can best support older people in their care.

Training can also be tailored to include Age UK’s powerful Sense of Ageing programme, a unique module designed to help care workers understand the way physical ageing impacts on everyday life. Developed with gerontologists, the course uses an interactive workshop that provides participants with the chance to experience the physical effects of ageing and sensory impairment. Stimulated through use of special equipment, users get a first-hand experience of what it’s like when vision, hearing, touch, dexterity and communication skills decline.

As a national training provider, Age UK Training has offered training and consultancy across the UK for over 60 years. Including in-house, apprenticeships and e-learning approaches, it reaches over 10,000 people each year, with a range of training topics that reflect Age UK’s expertise, innovation, creativity and vision for those in later life.

Delivered by Age UK’s expert trainers, all courses have been designed to shape best practice, enhance staff performance, increase career development opportunities, and attract and retain valuable staff. Age UK Training customises its courses in line with business needs, ensuring that they are treated to suit the needs of organisations where individuals or a few staff are looking for specialist development in a subject area.

Alzheimer’s Society –

Telephone: 01904 567909  •  Email:  •

Leading the way in dementia training, Alzheimer’s Society Training and Consultancy is committed to improving life for people living with dementia, through workforce development and best practice in dementia care. As the leading dementia organisation, naturally, the experience of people living with dementia is at the centre of all training and consultancy programmes.

In response to research, developments in adult learning, and economic pressures on the care sector, Alzheimer’s Society Training and Consultancy has developed a new, innovative training portfolio which includes shorter, more accessible and flexible training across all learning levels and skill areas. The course portfolio is under constant development, utilising the expert knowledge of the Society to ensure it remains evidence-based and cutting-edge.  Courses that are launched now include:

  • Step Inside – An interactive skills-based course designed to equip anyone working alongside people living with dementia with the knowledge, confidence and desire to understand and walk with people on their journey.
  • Responsive Behaviours – Arms care workers with strategies and techniques to help them to embrace new approaches when supporting a person living with dementia.
  • Meaningful Occupation – This course enables participants to understand the importance of providing opportunities for people living with dementia to be involved, included and fulfilled.

Please contact us to find out about other courses, including our leadership programme.

Consultancy and bespoke training solutions – Our consultants will work with you to assess your organisational dementia skill base and develop a specific training package tailored to meet identified needs. This can include bespoke training and specialist input on a variety of topics including nutrition, pain assessment, communication skills and our coaching support.

For small organisations, open courses are available to individuals; you may prefer us to train groups within your workplace. We can also provide Cascade programmes where key members of internal training teams are enabled to flow training across the entire workforce, so whole teams are equipped with common skills and knowledge in dementia.

Taking a person-centred approach, Alzheimer’s Society Training and Consultancy provides outcome-based solutions, increasing staff confidence and potential to enable compassionate and high quality support to people affected by dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society Training and Consultancy also offers a DVD and CD-ROM: Tomorrow is Another Day, which is designed to be delivered to staff working in residential care. It covers the experience of dementia, supporting people, providing occupation and communication.

Alzheimer’s Society offers the Foundation Certificate in Dementia Awareness for staff undertaking our courses, and look out for the joint award with the Royal Society for Public Health – Understanding Dementia (Level 2), which is set to be the benchmark for health and social care staff.

National Skills Academy for Social Care –

Telephone: 0203 011 5280  •  Email:  •

Skills for Care and the National Skills Academy for Social Care is the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care in England. It offers workforce learning and development support and practical resources from day one of entry level, right through to those in senior leadership and management roles. It is dedicated to supporting and promoting excellent training provision, and recognises high quality in social care training through its unique Endorsement Framework.

The Endorsement Framework identifies and badges training providers who can show that they explain and encourage leadership behaviours, and can demonstrate the impact these behaviours have on how people care. The recommendations of the Cavendish Review, Care Quality Commission Essential Standards and the Care Act mean that excellence in training is more important than ever.

Its Endorsement is the quality mark for learning and development providers in the adult social care sector. The application process acts as a tool for self-evaluation, professional development and quality improvement and can be used as a mechanism for organisational and staff development that makes a difference. It is specifically designed for the needs of social care employers and learners and has a positive impact on the lives of the people that they support.

There are three types of Award available within the Endorsement Framework.

  • Recognition Award: Recognised providers demonstrate that they take a professional approach to learning and development in adult social care.
  • Excellence Award (for existing Recognised providers): Providers who are ‘Centres of Excellence’ demonstrate exemplary commitment to meeting the needs of learners in adult social care, understanding and measuring the impact of their provision on the lives of the people who use services, all in compliance with the social model of care.
  • Associate Award: This is the minimum requirement for any training provider wishing to work with the body. It is an internal quality check for associates wishing to deliver the programmes and will not be endorsed by the body externally.

Endorsement gives training providers the chance to help transform the culture of social care, and shows their commitment and contribution to improving the quality of adult social care. This should ultimately result in improved quality of life outcomes for people who use services. Endorsed Providers also have preferential access to new business opportunities through employer members and by delivering Skills Academy programmes. And the more popular their own development courses become, the greater the revenue they’ll generate.

Endorsed Training Providers are promoted by Skills for Care and the Skills Academy to 1,500 employers across social care, and have their details published on an online database, providing a unique route to market.

To find out more about the Endorsement Framework, visit:

A list of current Endorsed training providers can be found here: 

Redcrier Training Solutions

Telephone: 01823 332200  •  Email:  •

Redcrier has been established since 1998 as an independent training provider. In those 14 years it has evolved with the care industry to become one of the most established well-regarded specialists for staff training, offering compliance, improvements in staff performance and cost reductions.

Redcrier creates training packages around you, your staff and your training matrix. The team offers a blended approach to staff training for over 1500 care organisations.

Redcrier supplies over 30 different health and social care courses through three unique delivery styles: The Silver Box Distance Learning System, Face to Face Courses and e-learning.

Its training can be built around your specific needs, taking into account budget, staff numbers, location and knowledge base. From large groups to small independent care providers, Redcrier can tailor a training package around your bespoke needs.


Telephone: 0800 0680 978  •  Email:  •

regis launched its new website in October, with lots of exciting news, information and offers.

The team are currently developing resources for the new Care Certificate for next year and this product will replace its very successful Skills for Care Common Induction standards pack. All DVDs will be mapped across this and, of course, the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

regis has delivered hundreds of ‘NVQ’ awards – now QCF – and continue to do so for some of the largest employers in the country. Face-to-face training in the workplace is still on offer, together with e-learning. Please contact Pauline Misselbrook, Managing Director for more information.

Skills for Care –

Telephone: 0113 241 1275  •  Email:  •

Skills for Care ensures that England’s adult social care workforce has the skills and qualifications to deliver high quality social care. To achieve this, we focus on the attitudes, values, skills and qualifications people need to undertake their roles.

We do not directly deliver training; instead we work with social care employers, people who need care and support, carers and other key stakeholders to develop effective tools and resources that meet the needs of the sector in terms of workforce development.

Supporting your dignity training

One of the most important resources that we have developed is the Common Core Principles for Dignity Training Pack. Based on the dignity common core principles, the pack supports those involved with learning and development to continue to deliver the message of the importance of dignity in adult social care using tried and tested resources.

The resource was developed following the success of the dignity workshops delivered by Skills from Care throughout 2013 and has been tested by pilot site organisations which provide a range of different care settings across the country.

Prama Care, based in Poole, were one of the pilot sites who worked with Skills for Care on the development and testing of the training pack. They noted that their staff were ‘much more aware, considerate and respectful of people’s preferences and choices’ following the use of the common core principles.

The training pack also focuses on safeguarding and Compass Disability Services, who were also a pilot site. They noted that the safeguarded elements had increased the confidence their staff had in ‘challenging practices that do not support dignity’.

As providers can use the resource to deliver training in-house, it will allow employers to ensure that their whole workforce has an understanding of the importance of upholding people’s dignity.

Included in the training pack:

  • A copy of the Common Core Principles for Dignity Toolkit. Usually priced at £15, the toolkit includes good practice guidance and real life scenarios to help you embed the common core principles for dignity in the workplace.
  • Stop! Think Dignity animation. The animation challenges assumptions around dignity in the workplace and helps workers and employers think of their day-to-day practice.
  • Workshop presentation: the presentation guides the format of the training and is tried and tested within adult social care.
  • Support for facilitators: the pack includes notes and tips for facilitators to help them in the delivery of the training.

The toolkit is available for £50. You can purchase your copy by visiting

Skillsoft –

Telephone: 01276 401994  •  Email:  •

Skillsoft is a pioneer in the field of learning with a long history of innovation, providing cloud-based learning solutions for customers worldwide, including global enterprises, Government, education and small to mid-sized businesses. Skillsoft provides off-the-shelf and custom content to over 6,000 customers and more than 19,000,000 learners around the world.

Skillsoft offers high-impact compliance training solutions in:

• Care;

• Legal;

• Hospitality;

• Health, Safety and Environmental.

Care organisations face an increasingly large set of legal requirements to provide training solutions in compliance job skills. Skillsoft offers care staff and managers engaging and interactive online learning experiences that helps care organisations meet their compliance training requirements.

Skillsoft is a global e-learning company, creating innovative and effective teaching solutions since 1998. It has developed into a number of different business units that cover topics, from compliance training to leadership and development. Skillsoft’s proven adult learning method has the lowest levels of scrap learning in the industry, with an 86 per cent application rate compared to the typical 20 to 50 per cent.

Its compliance courseware comes in a variety of languages, is deployable in multiple countries and includes localised content options. It’s developed for learners of all styles and the cloud-based learning solution provides a rich experience for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.

Your employees can enjoy interactive learning exercises, audio narration, job and visual aids. The instructional design is effective and adapted to help employees understand how laws and regulations impact their responsibilities.

Skillsoft now offers a self-service e-commerce solution for small businesses, equipping them with tools necessary to deliver compliance training through a newly-developed interface. The compliance-based training site addresses business owners’ needs by providing single-learner, or multi-learner employee training options. Course titles include Common Induction Standards, Dementia, Mental Capacity Act and Infection Prevention and Control.

Smaller businesses can now use the UK e-commerce store to purchase licences and give employees access to the courses they need. This new store can be found at

For more information and an introductory 10 per cent discount, visit today and enter the code CMMOCT14 at the checkout. Voucher code valid from 1st October 2014 to 24th December 2014.

Partnering with organisations across the health and social care sector, Skillsoft has continued to win awards and recognition as a top platform in the e-learning space by leading analysts, industry organisations and publications including Brandon Hall Group, Chief Learning Officer, Elearning! Magazine, and Workforce Magazine.

Skillsoft is currently meeting with select care sector clients to share and discuss the design of an e-learning solution to enable organisations to meet the demands of the new Care Certificate. Organisations that wish to take part in this process are encouraged to contact Skillsoft directly.

The Grey Matter Group

Telephone: 0345 873 0373  •  Email:  •

The Grey Matter Group provides an award-winning online assessment system that enables people to measure and evidence knowledge and competence, mapped to national standards and Qualifications and Credit Framework units. In 2015, it will be providing free Care Certificate e-learning courses via Resources are funded by local authorities and care associations. To find out more, you can book onto one of the free workshops for managers or get in touch via

The Grey Matter Group provides workforce development consultancy and undertake various projects for example, the team have created e-learning for Skills for Care and a training booking management system in partnership with a local authority. The Grey Matter Group’s focus and passion is about enabling organisations to improve training and make efficiencies by using technology solutions.

There are 28 case studies from customers evidencing how they have used the resources to save time, money and improve the quality of care services. These can be found at under resources.

The Skills Network –

Telephone: 01757 210022  •  Email:  •

The Skills Network is one of the UK’s most successful providers of training and skills solutions. It supports employers, educators and learners, both across the UK and internationally, by developing and delivering effective and innovative skills, training and educational content.

The team take pride in being the chosen training provider for an ever-growing number of businesses and organisations throughout the UK and internationally. Most of its courses are funded, so there is no cost to your employees, business or organisation.

As a training provider, The Skills Network has established strong relationships with a large number of care providers throughout the UK. It provides a range of funded and bespoke training solutions designed to upskill staff, ensuring progress both in their personal and professional development. Each year the team engage with and enrol over 25,000 learners onto a large range of courses, largely within the care sector.

The key areas of training offered within the health and care sectors are dignity and safeguarding, mental health, safe handling of medicines, diabetes, dementia and end of life care, and The Skills Network will be introducing qualifications in working with those with learning disabilities in the coming months. These are nationally-recognised qualifications which are accredited by the awarding body NCFE. All courses are available to learners either paper-based or online through the company’s innovative online learning platform, EQUAL.

The fully-funded courses are ideal for home or work-based learning, which means no classroom sessions and no exams. Learners can complete their assessments in their own time and at their own pace, preventing study from affecting busy work schedules.

Enrolling onto a funded course with The Skills Network could not be easier. With its own induction team, The Skills Network are able to come directly to your organisation to answer any queries your employees might have. The team will always arrange inductions at your convenience and at a time and date to suit you.

Throughout students’ learning experience, The Skills Network provides them with high quality customer service via an individually-assigned Learner Support Adviser. Extensive feedback and specialist support is also provided by experienced tutors.

The Skills Network has a number of partners with whom it shares unique relationships. The team understand that every organisation’s needs are different, and so tailor its services to ensure it is working towards specific training goals. It is able to provide training to work alongside your organisation’s benefit scheme, or to merge with existing staff training opportunities.

If you are interested or would like more information contact The Skills Network.

W & P Training –

Telephone: 01305 767104  •  Email:  •

W & P is a small, family-owned training company who, through feedback from workshops have developed a suite of Business Support products, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses in the health and social care sector.  Products and services include Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary or Residential Settings, Nursing/Clinical Procedures, Medication Management Forms, Staff Personnel Forms, Generic Adult Social Care Forms, Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registration Guidance for New Businesses, One to One Business Support and Advice, Bespoke Policy Writing Service, Staff Training Packs, Training Workshops, Employee Handbooks and Pre-CQC Mock Inspection Audits.

All of the above enhance and assist provider services registered with the Care Quality Commission to meet their regulatory compliance requirements under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010.  Changes to the current Regulations will be introduced in April 2015, with the New Fundamental Standards contained in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) 2014.

These Fundamental Standards, Regulations 9 to 20 are made up of the current standards and new requirements including Regulation 17 Good Governance, Regulation 20 Duty of Candour. In addition, the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2014, currently being progressed through Parliament will introduce two new offences of ill-treatment or wilful neglect which are care worker offences. The definition of care worker includes those who provide the health or social care and those who supervise, manage and Directors of the organisation which provides the care.  The new Inspection and Enforcement regime from the Care Quality Commission will also be implemented in April 2015.  W & P Training’s newsletter will keep you up to date with all the changes.

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