Implementing new models of care

November 30, 2017

The Health Foundation has published a new report into implementing new models of care by capturing some of the experiences of those working on the vanguard sites of the new care models programme in England.

Some assembly required: implementing new models of care – Lessons from the new care models programme draws on the experiences of those leading the vanguard sites of the new care models programme, and sets out 10 lessons for those seeking to systematically make improvements across local health and care services for those patients who are in most need of joined up care.

It is hoped that those involved in sustainability and transformation partnerships and accountable care systems can benefit from the valuable learning of the vanguard sites of the new care models programme.

Key findings in the report are:

  • Understanding the lessons learnt from the new care models programme will be vital in helping NHS leaders develop more effective ways of delivering care in the future. The report identifies how vanguard sites have made changes and offers crucial insight into the challenges and enablers in developing new care models.
  • It sets out 10 lessons for those seeking to systematically make changes across services in their area. These are based on first-hand accounts of clinicians and managers from the new care models programme’s vanguard sites. These sites have worked through the complexities of bringing together professions and organisations to develop place-based models of better co-ordinated care for people with complex health and social care needs.
  • It finds that assessing and understanding what change efforts have come before, and what organisations and relationships currently exist is vital when developing new models of care. It emphasises the value of local co-creation and testing.
  • It says that applying the new care models programme’s approach to supporting local change could have a substantial impact on the health of the population and, in particular, on the lives of people who fall through the gaps between fragmented health and social care services

The report is authored by Anna Starling, Policy Fellow in the Health Foundation's Improvement Team.

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