Leeds health and social hub launches

July 20, 2022

A new Leeds and Social Care Hub launched this week, bringing together the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and various local partners to improve health outcomes across the region.

The hub will bring together a community of experts to improve healthcare for the region for patients. Members of public, private, and third-sector organisations, including the NHS, local government, universities, and other health organisations, will work to address challenges including tackling health disparities and improving employment opportunities in the sector. This will ensure DHSC’s principal offices in Leeds are embedded in the region’s growing health industry and continue the work to make Leeds a national and international hub for the healthcare industry.

The aim is to position Leeds as the natural choice for professionals looking to pursue a career in health and social care spanning local government and public and private organisations, as well as for start-ups seeking to establish or expand their base in the city. This will help to retain and develop talent, while providing a boost to the local economy. It will also promote the health and social care sector as a career of choice for local residents and graduates, so that workforces reflect the communities they serve.

This will build on existing successful collaboration across different organisations and sectors. For example, in 2019 Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust partnered with Leeds City Council and a local charity to deliver information on employment, connecting residents living in Lincoln Green and other disadvantaged communities in Leeds with job opportunities. It resulted in 49 people starting a 6-week employability programme and 29 people successfully securing employment at St James’s Hospital.

The Hub will act as a focal point for healthcare activity in the region, making Leeds the city of choice for organisations and businesses. For example, the new West Yorkshire Innovation hub has been set up to ensure residents can benefit from new innovations. It recently launched 10 innovation schemes including breast cancer surgery, cancer screening uptake in minority communities, and a special programme to support older people with cancer.

Dr Sara Munro, Chief Executive Officer, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Trust, said, ‘The hub brings together a diverse set of partners both locally and nationally that will be able to achieve so much more collectively.’

Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network, said, ‘The Hub is a significant opportunity to build upon the existing collaboration between health and care across Leeds and West Yorkshire, aligning conversations around health, the economy, employment and innovation to improve health and life outcomes for the region’s citizens.’

Visit the Government website to find out the three main focus areas.

In other news, the elderly population of England’s county and rural areas has swelled by over a million people during the past decade, a new report has revealed.


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