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Birdie is a care technology platform supporting care agencies to become more efficient, and to save time and money that can be reinvested in the care you provide.

It also enables real-time information sharing, making your care safer and more person-centred.

Birdies platform includes our Agency hub, our digital apps and integrated home sensors. This system works seamlessly to capture and provide real-time information about the care and wellbeing of your clients, bringing more transparency in your operations.

But that’s not all. Birdie helps you make your care safer. By analysing care reports and sensors information, our advanced health analytics will identify patterns of deterioration and notify you and your clients’ relatives of any potential issue as well as helping you resolve them.

Birdie is a step-change in the industry, supporting you to work towards the highest regulatory standard. Rather than simply improving operations, it actively enhances the quality of your care and enables you to deliver tailored, preventive care to all your clients.

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