Eazipay Ltd

Tel: (01353) 964949 Website: www.eazipay.co.uk
Lancaster Way Business Park, 62 Sydney House, Ely CB6 3NW

Eazipay is one of the leading Direct Debit and automated payment processing companies for the care home sector. 

With thousands of businesses working with us, coupled with twenty years’ experience, you can trust Eazipay to know a thing or two about how important Direct Debit collections can be to your Care Home business.

We know that incorporating Direct Debits into your accounts processes will have real, tangible, measurable benefits for your business. In fact, Direct Debit has so many advantages it is difficult to argue against using them to collect payments:

  • Control cash flow
  • Guarantee income
  • Reduce admin costs
  • Easily change payments
  • Save time and money

Direct Debit – It’s reliable, it’s secure and it puts you in control of customer payments.

It’s easy; it’s even easier with Eazipay.

For more information please get in touch or visit our website www.eazipay.co.uk

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