Eden Alternative CIC

Tel: (01626) 868192 Website: www.eden-alternative.co.uk
11 Plantation Terrace, Devon EX7 9DS

The Eden Alternative CIC (UK) is a ‘not for profit’ training provider for the Eden Alternative model of care. It has operated in the UK since 2005 and Eden itself has operated since 1992.

It’s an ‘Alternative’ because it drives forward the culture of care with its members, building care environments that are different from most people’s experience, understanding or perception. Its programme has many elements, many of which are common sense and often what people in the sector are already aspiring to. However, its detailed body of material focuses on developing a progressive vision, applies theory to practice and makes vision a reality.

The reason why people adopt the Eden Alternative is to enhance the wellbeing of residents, the essential workforce, and residents’ families.

It also makes very good business sense. It has plenty of material, principles, and ways of enhancing wellbeing; put together in a way that delivers a Home’s ambitions. The model has been tried and tested over 30 years and suits Homes already likely running ambitious training programmes. Whilst Eden dovetails with most programmes it also stands alone and gets results.

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