Prepare2Care Ltd

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6 Flamville Road, Leicestershire LE10 2DQ

Prepare2care is a small family-run business that has been trading for 5 years now delivering high-quality training to people in the Health and Social Care sector.

We are extremely passionate about delivering our courses and have very strong morals and beliefs as to how both parties (carer and customer) should be treated and protected.

With 35+ years of experience in the Care Sector, we as a family have seen and been involved in most aspects of Health and Social Care and the many roles it can open up.

We believe that if you show your employees that you are as keen to grow their career as you are to grow your business it shows that they are valued and respected, which is why we go above and beyond to provide first-class training to get them off on the right foot from the start followed by regular update training.

Everyone one day will be in the position of needing extra support and our phrase we like people to remember is… Is this how I would want to be looked after/assisted?

John is our face 2 face trainer and has a reputation for really grabbing the attention of his candidates, keeping them tuned in, having good fun whilst teaching and teaching even some extremely experience members new ways of completing tasks or information that they then use to perform better in their roles. John thrives in the classroom and tries to really install that each customer is as much of an individual as each carer and how both are equally important.

We provide all mandatory training for the Care Certificate as well as lots of other face-to-face specialist courses.

We are currently branching out and adapting to E-learning but this is not replacing our face to face training as we believe that to learn to work with people you need to train with people and not a computer, but we also understand that with the way the times are moving this is a very popular option.

We won’t bore you with each course detail, price and package through our advert, we would much rather you got in touch and we can try to tailor a package to your individual companies needs along with a price your pocket will be happy with and a quality your staff and customers deserve.

We like to keep a personal touch with our customers as we are a strong, committed, caring and passionate family and like to think of our customers as an extension of that.

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