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The Simple, Safe Way to Manage Care Home Spending and Expenses

Enable controlled spending while side-stepping the risks of petty cash and credit cards. Give your people prepaid Soldo Mastercard® cards.


Cards come with custom budgets and rules, so managing spending is easy. And connected apps make expense management effortless for care workers and finance teams alike.

With Soldo, you spend less time managing spending and expenses, and more time taking care of your residents.

Make your day-to-day much easier

  • Swap cash for a safe solution that empowers your employees
  • Manage spending across your homes from one easy-to-use system
  • Reallocate budgets between people, teams, and homes – in seconds
  • Monitor business-wide costs with an up-to-the-minute view of spending
  • Simplify expense reports with an app that sends reports in a few clicks


Making the difference you need right now

“Soldo cards are actually helping us out at what is a very difficult time for everyone. They have given us the means to ensure that our staff always have access to money for purchasing items for our houses.
They have become essential for us as a lot of shops are not taking cash at the moment. I am also working from home just now so I can manage the spending and card restrictions from my house which is great. They have been a godsend!”
– Diana Valentin, Finance Assistant, Cairn Mhor Childcare Partnership

Care homes use Soldo to:

  • Replace petty cash, credit cards, and reimbursements
  • Cut financial admin with accounting integrations
  • Maintain complete control over spending at all homes


To learn how Soldo can help your team:

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