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Recently many of our clients have asked for our help after experiencing difficult regulatory inspections.

Clients know we’ve worked closely with nursing and care homes for over 35 years and because of this they want us to support them in improving their services.

Our experts have wide experience in nursing and care homes and so have an in-depth understanding of current best practice. Our expert nurses look at your current ways of working and then rapidly identify any issues. They can then show you where and how you can raise the safety of your services and your CQC KLOE scores.

Here’s how our experienced team of nurses and industry specialists can help you:

  • Review your current policies and procedures
  • Review your incident process and trend analysis of current incidents
  • Analyse the root cause of issues
  • Audit your care plans
  • Help develop a risk register
  • Identify gaps in safety and legislation compliance
  • Conduct resident and/or staff satisfaction surveys

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A key focus for us is to help you maximise your potential within each of the CQC key lines of enquiry.


If you’ve received recommendations under the ‘Safe’ CQC key line of enquiry, here’s how Thornbury can help.

We will assist you in developing the tools to improve your service, this could include a full review and audit of:

  • Your safeguarding policies and procedures and give advice on how to improve these
  • Your risk assessments and advise on any potential changes needed
  • Independently review incidents involving abuse to highlight any trends
  • Your safeguarding training and advise on improvements that could be made
  • Give advice on how you can ensure your staff are fully aware of the signs of abuse and how to report it


Have you had recommendations under the ‘Effective’ CQC key line of enquiry?

We can help and assist with this too by reviewing and auditing:

  • Your Records Management policies and procedures and advise on any areas of improvement
  • Residents’ care plans to see if they are written holistically using evidence based care, and give feedback on potential improvements required
  • Incidents to do with ‘unsafe care’ and highlight any trends or root causes


If you have been given recommendations under the ‘Caring’ CQC key line of enquiry Here’s how Thornbury can help:

  • Review care plan policy and procedures and identify any areas for improvement
  • Establish if care plans are individualised with information obtained from the residents and their relatives
  • Look at care plans and highlight any areas for improvement


We can help you tackle recommendations under the ‘Responsive’ CQC key line of enquiry. Here’s how.

Let us assist you in improving your service, this could include looking at:

  • Incidents and Complaints Policy and procedures and identify any areas for improvement
  • Documentation given to residents and relatives on how to raise a concern
  • Complaints and identify any trends which could be used for improvement
  • Review care plan policy and procedures and identify any areas
    for improvement
  • Review care plans to establish if they are individualised and evidence based, and suggest how they be improved


If you need to respond to recommendations under the ‘Well-led’ CQC key line of enquiry, our experts can help you succeed quicker. Here’s how.

  • Quality policies and procedures and suggest improvements
  • Risk management policies and procedures and give guidance on improvements
  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedures including staff training
  • Documented incidents and identify trends that could lead to improvements

If you’d like to find out how Thornbury can help you maximise the safety of your services, contact us on:

Tel: 0333 323 1265

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