Managers of Outstanding care homes

July 7, 2017

With the Care Quality Commission (CQC) highlighting the importance of strong leaders in high-performing services, a new report has been published into managers of Outstanding care homes, who they are and what makes them and their services Outstanding.

Right now, the CQC has rated less than 1% of the residential care homes for older people in England as Outstanding. However, with a drive to improve quality and achieve this coveted rating, there has been an increasing focus on what it takes to be Outstanding.

Article Consulting Ltd, working with The Judgement Index, undertook ground-breaking research to try to understand more about the managers of Outstanding care homes. They wanted to know who are they? What do they do that is different to other managers? What is it about them as leaders that, despite the challenges they face, their care home has achieved the highly-coveted Outstanding CQC rating?

In order to gather this information, they surveyed the managers of Outstanding care homes to unlock their secrets and present them in their own words.

In Our Own Words provides a unique insight into managers of Outstanding care homes.

Key findings include:

  • The overwhelming majority were female (81%), and were most frequently aged between 55 and 64, followed by between the ages of 45 and 54 (25%).
  • Staff in Outstanding care homes reportedly had access to a variety of support, development and guidance.
  • Recruitment, training and empowerment of staff was highlighted both as a contributor to, and a challenge faced, in achieving an Outstanding CQC rating.
  • 35% of managers listed funding ‘issues’ as the top challenge that gets in the way when trying to achieve an Outstanding CQC rating, the overwhelming majority placed it in their top three.

It is hoped that the report will contribute positively to the current debate about the critical importance of the manager’s role in social care, encourages provider organisations to invest in their managers and informs the future recruitment of managers.

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