Moving between hospital and home

September 13, 2017

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has published a quick guide for registered managers of care homes and homecare, focusing on moving between hospital and home, including care homes.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), along with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has produced the quick guide based on NICE guidelines and quality standards.

It provides a brief overview of how registered managers in both care homes and homecare can work with hospitals to ensure a good experience of transition for the people in their care.

Registered managers and their teams play an important role in supporting people when they are transferring in and out of hospital. Good communication and integrated services are essential as, without this, people can experience:

  • Unmet care and support needs.
  • Avoidable hospital readmissions.
  • Avoidable admissions to care.
  • Delayed transfers of care.

To help managers and their teams offer the best transition for people moving between hospital and home, the guide covers:

  • What you can do to ensure successful transitions.
  • What you can expect from your local hospital team.
  • What you should expect after discharge.
  • Further resources on the subject.

SCIE's website has a number of quick guides which cover key points on social care topics that are relevant to specific audiences. They offer the sector information about improving services in an easily accessible, concise and visually appealing format. The guides are available online and also as PDFs.

Other topics include:

  • Health and Housing.
  • Improving Hospital Discharge into the Care Sector.
  • Better Use of Care at Home.
  • Technology in Care Homes.

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