Ask your candidates to ‘Think Carer’ this General Election

May 30, 2017

Carers Trust is encouraging people to ask their candidates to Think Carer in the run-up to the 2017 General Election.

As campaigning picks up pace and social care is rising up the agenda, Carers Trust is making a concerted effort to ensure that candidates Think Carer and that carers are not forgotten.

According to the charity, not enough unpaid carers are being identified, and many carers are going without the support they need. Carers Trust says that this needs to change, and this General Election is an opportunity to make sure all candidates pledge to support the UK’s seven million unpaid carers.

It is calling on people to ask their candidates to take five steps if they are elected to Parliament. It would like people to ask candidates to pledge to support unpaid carers by committing to ensuring that:

  1. Carers in all areas receive sustainable support when and how they need it, including through high-quality replacement care.
  2. Young carers are identified and supported earlier in education, training or work so that they can have the same life opportunities as other children and young people.
  3. Carers of people with dementia, and older carers, receive extra support and that older people are helped to plan in case they become a carer.
  4. Carers of people with mental health issues are involved as key partners and that their own needs as carers are addressed.
  5. Professionals who help carers – like GPs, teachers and social workers – identify and support carers of all ages, and that carers know that caring is always a choice.

You can follow the link to the Think Carers form and send an email to all of your local candidates ahead of polling on 8th June. The messages can also be customised if you want to include additional points.

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