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This is a new space for registered managers to find resources, information and help with their mental health.

Working with Lancashire Care Association, our conversations with registered managers across the country have shown that sometimes the pressures of the role can be overwhelming. And there are so many pressures – from keeping on top of mountainous paperwork, to dealing with grief when a client passes away, handling CQC inspections and generally being responsible for helping people to stay safe and well.

With all of this and more going on, it’s OK to admit if you’re not OK. Your mental health and wellbeing is an important part of you and your service performing at their best, and it deserves time and attention.

This sector is powered by its people – who are passionate, dedicated and skilled. We are here to help you look after yourself, to point you in the direction of support if you want it, and to make sure you know you are not alone.

Please explore the site, use the resources, and contact the support services listed.

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Prof Martin Green
Chief Executive, Care England

I am so pleased CMM is developing this site focused on the wellbeing of registered managers.

Being a registered manager is one of the most complex, but also one of the most rewarding roles in the care sector. It is the registered manager who sets the tone for the service and you champion and inspire your colleagues to deliver high-quality care.

The one area that registered managers often neglect is their own wellbeing and they often are so busy looking after others that they forget that they have their own needs. Nobody can perform this difficult role without a level of self-awareness and attention to their own wellbeing.

It is my hope that this site will give you a place where you can support one another to continue to deliver the very best care.


Vic RaynerVic Rayner NCF
Executive Director, National Care Forum

Registered managers are incredible.

I have been privileged to work with many of them through our Rising Stars programme. However, this also means I am very aware of the huge pressure they are under, and the many and varied challenges they face – day to day, week to week and year to year. They spend lots of time supporting others – colleagues, people they care for and their families and relatives.

This often leaves them with little left to recognise and care for their own mental health needs.

The social care sector needs to step up to recognise how important the mental health of managers is, and this is a useful first step to bring together resources and support in one place.


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