Working well with families

February 26, 2019

Skills for Care is looking for providers to complete a short survey about how the sector can be better at working well with families of people using services.

The organisation has developed a draft framework with Avenues Group. It includes what staff need to know, how they need to work and what can be done in terms of training to help those looking to include the families of people using services more, and to be more active in working well with families.

The framework highlights four key areas. These are to:

  1. Understand the importance of partnership working and instilling a family, person-centred approach.
  2. Establish and maintain positive relationships with families.
  3. Maintain open communication with families and review how you work with them.
  4. Actively encourage people who need care and support to maintain family relationships and/or social contacts and networks.

It also explores the values, skills and knowledge that staff in adult social care need so that employers can ensure their staff are equipped to be working well with families.

Skills for Care is now consulting on the framework, asking for the views of managers, staff, people using services and their families. The consultation will run throughout February and March.

You can read the framework and fill in the survey on the Skills for Care website. The consultation will close on Monday 1st April 2019.

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