New Your Care Rating survey reveals most satisfied care home residents

March 26, 2018

The 2017 Your Care Rating survey, the UK’s largest and most authoritative on perceptions of care, has revealed that care home residents in South Yorkshire are, on average, the most positive about the care they receive.

The Your Care Rating surveys produce an Overall Performance Rating (OPR) out of 1,000, and across all participating homes, this resulted in an average score of 878 for the Residents’ Survey and 836 for the Family and Friends’ Survey in 2017/18.

Residents living in participating care homes in South Yorkshire achieved an average OPR of 906 out of 1,000, closely followed by those in Humberside and Lincolnshire, with an average rating of 902.

Conducted by independent market research organisation Ipsos MORI, the survey also shows that family members and friends of care home residents are most positive about the care their loved ones receive in East Anglia (854), just ahead of North Yorkshire, including York (851).

Now in its sixth year, the Residents’ Survey achieved its highest ever response rate of 40.5%, up from 35% in its first year of publication in 2013. Meanwhile, the Family and Friends’ Survey also achieved a high response rate of 48%.

The Residents’ Survey received over 16,500 responses from 820 care homes, while over 12,000 questionnaires from 686 homes were completed for the Family and Friends’ Survey. This is compared to 18,000 resident responses in the 2016 Your Care Rating survey, and 11,000 family and friends' responses.

In terms of performance of the 820 individual care homes taking part in the Residents’ Survey,  Methodist Homes’ Mayfields care home in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire received the highest possible OPR score of 1,000. This is closely followed by Grange Crescent care home in Sheffield (Sheffcare Limited), Marnel Lodge Care Home in Basingstoke (Barchester Healthcare) and Lloyd Court near Holt in Norfolk (NorseCare Limited) all scoring 996.

In the Family and Friends’ Survey, Queen Elizabeth House in Kent (Greensleeves Homes Trust) achieved an OPR score of 986, followed by Silk Court in London’s Bethnall Green and Kimberley Court in Newquay, Cornwall (both provided by Anchor), with an OPR score of 970 and 967 respectively.

Mel Knight, Founding Director of Your Care Rating said, 'The care home sector is all too often perceived negatively, but again Your Care Rating shows that there are very high levels of satisfaction in care homes across Britain, and it is those who matter most, the residents and their loved ones, who are telling us this.

'The Your Care Rating survey was established to give residents, family and friends a meaningful voice and to provide an authoritative source of information for those looking for a care home. It also provides participating care homes structured and benchmarked customer feedback to enable them to improve where necessary. The Your Care Rating survey is completely voluntary, so the care homes participating have made a strong commitment to transparency, continuous improvement and understanding the views of their residents and their residents’ families and friends.

'Once again, this year’s overall results are excellent, and the combination of the residents’ and families’ surveys provides us with an unparalleled view of the sector’s effectiveness and quality. I am sure that all participating care homes, whether disappointed at the feedback or celebrating success, will want to analyse their results and use them to achieve even higher standards of care for their customers over the coming year.'

The 'quality of life' theme was the most highly rated in both surveys. This theme includes ratings of the safety and security, privacy, having visitors, having personal belongings around them and having things to do. This year’s Family and Friends’ Survey achieved a 'quality of life' theme score of 898, up from 890 last year. The same theme was the top scoring in the Residents’ Survey at 929 this year (and 928 last year).

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