People’s experience in adult social care services

February 21, 2018

NICE has launched a new guideline on people's experience in adult social care services and improving the experience of care and support for people using adult social care services.

The guideline covers the care and support of adults receiving social care in their own homes, residential care and community settings. It aims to help people understand what care they can expect and to improve their experience by supporting them to make decisions about their care.

It includes recommendations on:

It is for:

  • Practitioners working in adult social care services in all settings.
  • Service managers and providers of adult social care services.
  • Commissioners of adult social care services.
  • People using services (including those who fund their own care) and their families, carers and advocates.

The guideline on people's experience in adult social care services has been developed by a committee of people who use services, and carers and professionals. It has used information from a review of research evidence about people's experiences of care and support, and from expert witnesses. The committee also gave careful consideration to the potential resource impact of the recommendations. The recommendations are considered to be aspirational but achievable.

The application of the recommendations is not mandatory. Although there is no legal obligation to implement the guidance, health and social care practitioners are actively encouraged to follow the recommendations to help them deliver the highest quality care and support. The recommendations are not intended to replace the professional expertise and judgement of practitioners, as they discuss care and support options with people.

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